Provided by Shane Harman, a valued member of our sales team with experience in building/construction, project management and home renovations.

If you’re selling and you’re not sure what buyers are scrutinising when they look through your home, well the answer is – just about everything! And sometimes, little things just escape your attention in your attempts to get your property ready for market. And buyers are savvy. Things you assume will go unnoticed…don’t.


Quick Fix – Tip 3 – ‘Green is good’, but not in gutters.

It is a wonderful thing to have a property with many trees as part of its landscape.

But, unfortunately, trees drop leaves, and these leaves do like to congregate in the gutters around your home. Couple this with rain and dust and you create a perfect environment for growing things in your gutters.

If you don’t check your gutters regularly, debris and dust and moisture gather here, and form an amazing foundation for breeding grass and other green stuff.

It is easy to miss. And hidden away two and a half metres off the ground, out of plain sight – this green stuff multiplies, and conspires, and concocts plans to take over the world. Well, your gutters anyway.

Many times, I have taken prospective clients through properties, where this problem has escalated, to the point where I have had to make a joke out of it – expressing the convenience that if there was any grass that needed repair in the backyard, there was ready made replacements abundantly available in the storage containers hanging off the fascias around the house.

So, Tip #3.

Before you put your property on the market, do a quick gutter check and clean them out.

And then run the hose through, checking the gutters are working correctly.

You may have to stick the hose down into the downpipe (and run the water for a bit) to dislodge any debris that has clogged the downpipe.