Questions from a seller, or a buyer (she wasn’t sure)

Article by Cheryl McKenna - Office manager, and licensed estate agent It began with a conversation with a lady enquiring on a property that we had for sale.  All said quickly without a pause or even time to take a breath! “I’d like to have a look at the house on...

What’s MOST important, when choosing an agent.

When you are looking at putting a property on the market, the decision that will likely have the biggest impact on your net financial outcome, and peace of mind, is your choice of agent.  It's important to know what's important when making this choice. Agents will...

“Informative, respectful, exemplary. Extremely pleased”

We love hearing from our clients after their transaction is complete.  Client feedback gives us a chance to look for opportunities to improve on our service, as well as recognising aspects we are doing right.  Our business is a people business more so than a house...

As Simple As…

HOW EASY IS IT TO CHANGE PROPERTY MANAGERS? Article by The Property Management Team at Wilsons Do you own an investment property? Does your current property manager really manage it as if it is their own? Or do you think that maybe, if only it were easy to change...


The Border Inn Hotel BUSINESS FOR SALE - To the right person(s)!  Pencil in your own income. Supporting figures indicate 2 working owners could earn $200,000 P.A. plus plus plus. If you are the right person(s) this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Price $99,000 plus...

What’s your style?

Article by Cheryl McKenna - Office manager and licenced estate agent. What’s your style? Do you love a classic Californian Bungalow or are you a fool for the decorative filigree of the mid to late Victorian Era?  Does walking into an Edwardian home evoke memories of a...


If you are a buyer and are finding that places are selling too quickly, let us know and we will create a wanted ad for you and go look for a property on your behalf.
If you are a seller, simply go to our website and view the ‘Properties Wanted’ section, one of our many buyers could be a perfect fit for your home

5 Reasons to choose Wilsons during the virus crisis

We can’t give anyone a high five at the moment, but here are 5 reasons to consider Wilsons as your agent if you wish to sell during the covid-19 pandemic, or immediately after the storm passes: 1. We are private sale specialists, unaffected by the restrictions...


Here are the tricks used by the professionals Slapping some paint on a wall – easy! But achieving a meticulous finish requires some careful preparation. If you are planning on a DIY paint job, here are some tricks of the trade to help you achieve a finish that even...

How’s your credit?

Article by Cheryl McKenna - Office manager, licensed estate agent - and now we can add - real estate blogger! Back in my day, credit was something you needed to make a call on your mobile, or a score that my friends got at uni.  And having multiple store and credit...
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Sold by Wilsons

As we were first time sellers, explaining the process was important and Lucas nailed it

Trent Hill

Sold by Wilsons


Very efficient and professional – very knowledgeable about Mortlake

Karen Biggs

Sold by Wilsons

Huge thanks to Lucas and his team. Very personal approach & flexibility.

John & Tracy Bower ★★★★★

Google Review

Sold by Wilsons

Excellent teamwork, delightful to deal with, great communication.

Susan Seymour ★★★★★ Google Review

Sold by Wilsons


Mark works with me to achieve my objectives, not just the sale.

Michael Vickers-Willis

Bought with Wilsons


Very informative and helpful from my first phone call to Wilsons.

Sally Cyprus ★★★★ Google Review

Rented with Wilsons


A huge shout out for everything you have done for us, we appreciate it.

James Chadderton ★★★★★ Google Review

Bought with Wilsons


No-one took our enquiry seriously, except for Wilsons.

David & Linda Handscombe

Sold by Wilsons

Had a great experience with Lucas and his team. Lots of communication.

Louise Elliot ★★★★★ Google Review

Bought with Wilsons

 If you’re a vendor trust that they will go out of their way and get your property sold.

John Dunn ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Sold by Wilsons

What a fantastic team that work so well together, sold our house in 3 days.

Leighann Curry ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Sold by Wilsons

Wonderful Team you have… gone above and beyond to sell our family’s home.

Yvonne Ryan ★★★★★

Facebook Review

Dealt with Wilsons

Whole team have been top notch.  Above & beyond with professionalism.

Shannan Briscoe ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Sold by Wilsons

Thank you for selling our house so quickly.  Kept us informed, couldn’t be more helpful.

Lee Campbell ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Sold by Wilsons


Very Happy with the wonderful staff at Wilsons . A very professional Team.

Peter Ryan ★★★★★ Facebook Review

Sold by Wilsons

Such a professional Team, very happy with the service and price we sold for.

Tanya Walsh ★★★★★ Facebook Review