Our Story

by Since 1976, before his son Lucas was even born and he was persisting with drop-kicks while playing footy with Grassmere, Mark Wilson has been a major part of the landscape of Warrnambool & district’s real estate industry – a landscape that has been as ever-changing as that of our national game!  But while the dropkick is gone from Aussie rules, Mark continues to thrive in the property game.

Switching at that point from selling livestock throughout the district to selling real estate, no conversation about the historical local property market is complete without reference to Mark. The careers of many local agents were hatched under Mark’s guidance, including his son Lucas Wilson.  Obviously Lucas was born into a lifetime of Real Estate Education – Lucas’ training began a lot earlier than his official start in the industry in 1996!

The launch of the Wilsons Warrnambool & District Real Estate brand in 2018 was a subtle but very deliberate one.  Wilsons, as a plural, reflects the official teaming of Lucas, taking the helm into the modern era, with all of Mark’s experience, guidance and skills right alongside.

As well as his full Real Estate Licence qualifications, Lucas has completed bachelors of Science and Commerce at the University of Melbourne, majoring in marketing, management, and statistics.  He has also worked in the marine industry, combining sales and marketing – in particular website, online and social media expertise.  His experience in modern-day marketing brings our clients into today, and beyond.  Warrnambool born, bred and entrenched with his family of 4, Lucas is an active member and contributor to the local community.

Three of the most emotive words in the English language are “home”, “family”, and “love”.  To own your own home is The Great Australian Dream.  We are literally selling dreams!  We are a genuine local family business, employing local families, and serving local families – and we love it!

We’ve previously been part of a large nationwide chain, but rather than lining the pockets of nationwide franchise executives, we’d rather support our local community through sponsorships and support of local clubs, charities and individual causes, so when you employ Wilsons as your agent, not only are you investing in the best possible result for yourself but by extension, you can also feel wonderful about the fact that you are supporting your local community.

We seriously believe in the TEAM acronym, that together everybody achieves more, and our whole office team from support staff, sales agents, property management team members, to office management and leadership are like family, all working towards a common goal – to provide a brilliant service to our customers.

You’ll find everyone else’s stories here.

In 1992, Mark Wilson met Neil Jenman, who had been experiencing ‘booming’ sales in otherwise gloomy times in the Sydney property market.  Agents across the country wanted to know his secrets, and before long he started a training company and taught his methods – which were based primarily on ethics and client care.  Essentially – putting the clients’ interests ahead of the agent’s, and this is at the core of our way of doing things.  Ultimately, Jenman moved more into consumer advocacy and support.

The Pittard training group emerged as the leading real estate training organisation in Australasia, and through an active and never-wavering commitment to continuous improvement – Kaizen – we see the extensive and intensive training of all of our staff as the biggest point of difference between us and our competitors.

Pittard Training has evolved into SMARTRE Training.  SMARTRE = Smart Real Estate.  Smartre Training provides a complete Real Estate business system with tools, advice and systems for sales, management and leadership, based on ETHICAL & EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES.

The centrepoint of this is the Smartre Sale, a method of sale proudly used by Wilsons designed to provide a seller with the best outcome, being defined as:

· The highest price possible

· A sale within sellers’ preferred time frames.

· No financial risk

These outcomes stand in stark contrast to the vast majority of the real estate strategies, which focus on increasing the volume and ease of obtaining Vendor Paid Advertising and on creating sales at any cost.

The technical qualifications legally required to handle the sale of a family’s greatest asset are readily attainable compared to many other professions, but since it is so important, with so much at stake in every property transaction, we insist that every member of the Wilsons team embark on an obsession of constant learning and training, both external and internal.

Our mission statement is:

 “By putting clients’ interests ahead of our own, we provide the best real estate service available.   As a team we bring loyalty, positivity, and solutions.  We continually improve, and contribute to our wider community.”

Our core values are:

1. Integrity

2. Loyalty

3. Contribution

4. Growth

5. Positivity

Our mission and core values are not just words.  We stand by them and live them.


That is our story, albeit abbreviated.

We look forward to you becoming a part of it.