Thinking of selling?

Selling a property is a big event in anyone’s lives. Many typical real estate methods are designed to be in the best interests of agents, while at Wilsons, our entire “Smartre Sale” process is based on doing what is in the best interests of our clients.

According to the latest Roy Morgan Image Of Professions Survey, only 5% of consumers rate real estate agents as “high” or “very high” for ethics and honesty, so it makes sense to choose the agency that does things differently, doesn’t it?

If you are thinking of selling what is likely to be your most valuable asset, you want to choose an agency that is putting your interests first, don’t you?

Here’s how at Wilsons, we do exactly that:

A true team approach.

At Wilsons, when you hire an agent, you do not just get that agent, you get our whole team. We invest heavily in the selection and training of the right people, to ensure that every member of our team has the right culture, skills, and training to deliver you the best result. Whilst the representative you will meet and get to know, will be your primary contact, you will have us all working for you! If your salesperson has a day off, your property does not!

Throughout our google reviews, the word “team” is one of the most prominently used keywords. Client Rebecca Wickenton sums it up with,

We couldn’t rate the team more highly. They are all on the same page and communication is second to none, no phone call ever left unanswered. Anyone we have dealt with at any time from office staff to the Agents have known exactly what is happening with our properties and worked hard to get us great results! Thanks Wilsons

Rebecca Wickenton

The “Smartre Sale”

Our unique, “Smartre Sale” method is designed to get you the highest price, with zero risk.

The Smartre Sale is a Smart Real Estate Sale.

The Smartre Sale method is…

”the best method when there are multiple buyers, and the only effective method of sale when there is just one buyer”

Other methods focus on finding the FIRST price that the sellers will accept.

The smartre sale focuses on finding the highest price.

Ask yourself these questions:

When you purchased your property, what was the price you paid for it?

What was the HIGHEST price you would have been really prepared to pay for it?

Research shows that 88% of buyers would willingly have paid MUCH MORE when they bought their homes. One study conducted several years ago found the average difference to be $20,000. This is what you stand to gain by choosing the right agent, and with rising prices it can be much more than this.

The Smartre Sale, above all else, is RISK-FREE.

When you sell with Wilsons, you will receive a signed copy of our SELL SAFE GUARANTEE, which offers 7 points of complete protection of your interests, including the fact that there are ZERO charges unless happily sold.

Wilsons pay all marketing expenses, there are no hidden fees and no extras payable. You can cancel at any time if you are not happy, or if you change your mind about selling.

Many agents using the VPA (Vendor Pays Advertising) model can have sellers out of pocket thousands of dollars, whether or not a sale is achieved. This is a typical example of placing an agency’s interests ahead of the client’s. We believe you should only pay when you get a result you are happy with. We don’t believe in charging you upfront to promote our brand. We’d rather let our client reviews do this for us! Clients like John (source: 5-star google review):

Every element of this sale has left me humbled… My expectations were left far behind early in the process. The Wilsons team have continued to exceed and excel every day. It was the same (as I reviewed) when I purchased from them. I can never recommend them highly enough. In 40+ years dealing with Real Estate there is not another agency that has come close. My gratitude always…

John via Google Reviews

The Smartre Sale pricing and negotiation strategy

Negotiation experts suggest starting high, rather than low, with your asking price.

Marketing studies have revealed that when there is no price displayed, for example in a “contact agent” or “expression of interest” scenario, approximately 50% of enquiry is lost.

Personal experience in speaking with buyers, suggests most of them dislike “price range”, or vague “offers above” scenarios.

The Smartre Sale pricing strategy follows the advice of negotiation experts, marketing experts, and attracts, rather than repels, buyers.

Negotiation experts also suggest not revealing one party’s offer to another, which is exactly what happens at a public or online auction, whereby the winning bidder only has to offer one small increment higher than the losing bidder, which is often thousands below what they were prepared to pay.

Why leave this extra money on the table?

The Smartre Sale involves having trained negotiators, working one-on-one with buyers in a private sale setting, to discover their highest price – not waving at a crowd with a hammer in their hand!

At Wilsons, we have a negotiation strategy. We understand negotiation, rather than simply having an ‘offer process’ that is simply the conveying of a buyer’s offer to you, the seller. Smart sellers realise that this isn’t a negotiation strategy, but rather a basic mediation. When selling your property, you do not want a mediator. You want a negotiator.

An agent’s negotiation ability is their true value to you as the seller – a point that is often overlooked or misunderstood. The skills and tactics employed after an interested buyer is found – the method of sale, the marketing, the pricing and the inspections – all lead to this final negotiation. Our negotiation skills combined with the right strategy can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Agents need to have the skill and ability to help achieve your goals. You and your requirements are our sole focus. In doing so, the buyer will still get what they want, the right property.

Skilled use and timing of the Highest Price Declaration is key. Ask us for a copy and demonstration.

Inspection Methods

Smart sellers will look to see if the agent has given consideration to how buyer inspection styles affect the final sale price. At Wilsons, we understand how the inspection process is tied to the negotiation – and we use an integrated inspection strategy.

One of the 4 quadrants of negotiation is KNOWLEDGE. The best way to acquire knowledge of a buyer’s needs, wants, and situation is by conducting private, one-on-one inspections, allowing for questions, communication, and simply, getting to know the buyer, while also being able to best demonstrate the benefits of your property.

One-on-one inspections should always be available to buyers. This is particularly important in a stable or falling market. If the power tips towards the buyer, a property should be available for inspection at a time that suits them.

If a genuine buyer wants an inspection, the agent should arrange it. In a stable or falling markets there are fewer buyers and more properties for sale, forcing buyers to wait for a scheduled open home increases the chance they will purchase elsewhere. A private appointment to inspect, set promptly, increases a buyer’s expectation this property will sell quickly, in turn increasing your negotiation power as the seller.

Smart open homes are also conducted to attract buyers who may otherwise be unlikely to enquire on the property. When conducted, we check and collect contact information before anyone enters the property. Effective follow-up enables us to develop an understanding of an interested buyer, their motives and budget. Information necessary to negotiate you the best price.

At Wilsons, we’ve given serious thought to our integrated inspection strategy.

24/7 service

Our phone number – (03) 5561 2777 – is answered by a live human being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and our team are available to handle enquiries and take inspections every day.

We have ONE CENTRAL CONTACT POINT. All our marketing displays our office phone number, which means to you that all enquiries are recorded at one central point and not lost to individual salespeople on mobiles. So, a buyer that enquired last week or month on a similar property to yours can be contacted immediately by us once listed rather than being lost – only to then spend your money on advertising to try and find them again. All buyer enquiries are added to our “ALL ACCESS” Database.

The Smartre Sale method includes Smart Marketing

Your property will appear prominently, at our expense, on all the major real estate online portals, along with our own mobile and google-friendly website.

Our huge database includes a weekly e-mail newsletter subscriber base of over 6,000 recipients, who will have your property delivered directly to their inbox.

Our social media strategy strives to be the most proactive in the district, and regularly has a weekly facebook reach alone of 10,000 to 20,000 – and we can promote your property to select targeted audiences.

We regularly feature listings in local print media and can have yours included here too.

Basically, we cast the widest marketing net possible, and combined with an entire team working proactively for you, we won’t miss a buyer for your property.


The training of our sales team members before commencing, and ongoing for their whole careers, both internally and externally via the SMARTRE training organisation, is the most extensive and highest quality training available in our industry. Specialising in negotiation, communication, sales skills, client care, time management, and more, all tailored to the real estate industry and adapted for changing market conditions. This dedication to competence and continuous improvement is the most important benefit to you as a seller in choosing Wilsons – and can literally mean tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket in terms of maximising the sale price we can achieve for your property, compared with agents without the level of training in these vital fields and/or systems and methods which aren’t designed to be in a seller’s best interests.

One more point

Wilsons Warrnambool & District Real Estate is a LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS. We invest back into our local community.

A substantial portion of our marketing budget promotes local events and charities, and our team gets involved in our community whenever we can, personally as well as financially.

When you employ Wilsons as your agent, not only are you investing in the best possible result for yourself, but by extension, you can also feel wonderful about the fact that you are indirectly supporting your local community.

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