Provided by Shane Harman, a valued member of our sales team with experience in building/construction, project management and home renovations.

If you’re selling and you’re not sure what buyers are scrutinising when they look through your home, well the answer is – just about everything! And sometimes, little things just escape your attention in your attempts to get your property ready for market. And buyers are savvy. Things you assume will go unnoticed…don’t.


Quick Fix – Tip 2 – ‘Windows to the Soul’

Ever heard the saying ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’… well windows are the eyes to the soul of a property. Crystal clear windows do two things. When clean, they look great and enhance the look of your property. And depending on the angle of sight, also reveal the many features which are on offer from the inside of the house. Dirty windows can indicate a lack of maintenance and care, and depending on the angle can reflect smears, dust and conceal the features that are on offer from the inside of the house.

Be careful though. If you decide to clean your windows, make sure you do it properly. A quick clean could have the reverse effect and when left streaky, can appear dirtier than if left alone. So, here we go. This is my you-beaut tip of the week for cleaning windows.

  1. Avoid glass cleaners that have an ammonia or alcohol base. They usually leave streaks and often a film that attracts dust and moisture. Choose a commercial cleaner from a brand you trust. Or a pre-mixed vinegar based solution as below.
  2. Use a soft lint-free wipe when rubbing the cleaning solution. A microfibre cloth or paper towel can be effective as well. Rub from multiple directions. I find small circular motion is the best.

Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

  1. Mix one part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle.
  2. Wipe down the window with a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove dust before you spray your solution, then spray the entire surface.
  3. Use your lint-free towel to rub the vinegar mixture and work it into the dirty spots on your window. Feel free to be generous with the amount of cleaner you apply to the cloth or paper towel, but avoid getting any cleaning solutions on the wood, fibreglass or vinyl frames, as they may discolour the finish.
  4. Use a second clean cloth to dry your window as thoroughly as possible. You’ll want to do this quickly after cleaning in order to prevent streaks, so if you have multiple windows to clean, it’s best to do them fully one at a time instead of spraying all of them at once.
  5. Rinse with clear water if streaks remain after cleaning.

Externally, use a window wiper where appropriate. This will save a stack of time.

Happy window washing!