8 Elements that will make your Real Estate Sale a Smart Sale

The Smart Sale Strategy is clever as it is an integrated system, it is not a slapped together collection of dysfunctional parts. When planning for your SMART SALE various elements need to be considered in order to achieve the best possible price in efficient time, with no risk. Elements should include but not necessarily in this order…

  • Marketing
    • Thousands of dollars in equity vanish every day through unnecessary & expensive advertising and poor pricing tactics. What is appropriate for you?
  • Price
    • What is market price? The price willing buyers are prepared to pay for your property today.
  • Method of Sale
    • This choice will dictate your chance of getting the best price with no damage to your digital footprint.
  • Agent Selection
    • Great care should be taken when deciding which agent to trust. Crucial selling decisions are made by your agent.
  • Inspections
    • A good inspection is so much more than simply opening your house for strangers.
  • Negotiation
    • To achieve the highest price possible for your property, an integrated negotiation strategy is essential.
  • Cost
    • Hiring a bad agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. The right agent adds tens of thousands to your bottom line.
  • Guarantee
    • If an agent is not prepared to guarantee their service, why offer it?

In order to get you, the seller, from point A to point B we will navigate the Smart Sale roadmap together in order to achieve your goals and the highest price.

If you’d like to know more about how our integrated SMART SALE system will set you on the road to reaching your point B simply give us a call on (03) 5561 2777, any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.