With 8 years of very little price growth, yet a very steady economy and economic outlook with more than one string to its bow – ie retail, farming, tourism, and a range of industry, Warrnambool and District looks set to be a great place to invest, both for sound rental returns, and solid prospects of capital growth moving forward, in my humble opinion.

Following the massive boom in prices from the late 1990’s through to 2010, prices were either going to crash, or endure a long “catch-up” period of little growth, and it was the latter that occurred.  But over the long term, the overall trend is an upwards one, and I see no reason why this should not be the case and starting very soon – in fact I feel we are already experiencing the beginning of it.

Melbourne in recent years has seen prices continue to boom almost unbelievably.  What we have seen historically, and are seeing again, is that when the big city becomes unaffordable for many, and rent returns too low due to escalating purchase prices, the buyers spread to regional areas in search of an affordable tree/sea-change, and/or better returning investment properties.

Warrnambool and District offers both.

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