Written by Luke McQualter, Business Development Manager

There is an abundance of factors that can contribute to the outcome of finding the perfect renter. A property that is not only presented well, but exceeds the minimum rental standards, can increase the chances of securing a higher quality renter at a higher weekly rental amount.  

One of the biggest factors that contributes to securing a quality renter is the overall cleanliness of the property. Ensuring your property is cleaned to a professional standard not only helps lease a property quicker, but it also shows any potential renters that the rental provider cares about their property. This ultimately sets the tone for the entire tenancy, often resulting in a renter who cares for your property almost as much as you do.

Click here to view a thorough cleaning checklist.

It is completely normal at the beginning of a new tenancy for a renter to request maintenance items, as there are often small issues that have been overlooked.

Ensuring the fixtures & fittings in your property are in good working order can help reduce the amount of maintenance items requested at the beginning of the tenancy. If you are nearing leasing your property out, it is a great idea to sit down and review the minimum standards to ensure your property complies. Listed below is a brief list of items that are important and may get overlooked when preparing a property to lease:

Minimum Compliance Standards:

Compliance Certificates – All new rental agreements must have the appropriate gas, electrical & smoke alarm compliance checks completed.

Locks – The property’s external entry doors must have functioning deadlatches or be fitted with locks that can be unlocked with a key from the outside, but can be unlocked without a key from the inside.

Windows & Window Coverings – From 29 March 2022, windows in rooms likely to be used as bedrooms or living areas must be fitted with curtains or blinds that can be closed, block light and provide privacy.

Heating – Rental properties must have a fixed heater (not portable) in good working order in the main living area. If a fixed heater has not been installed in the main living area by 29 March 2021, the rental provider must install an energy efficient heater.

To review all current Minimum Rental Standards, click here.

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