This information is useful to clients currently selling a property through Wilsons.

Once your property has been published online, you will receive a weekly report from us with details about how it is performing on and Domain. These are the two leading portals with the most hits, however we also advertise our listings on our website and six other independent sites (depending on the type of listing). This coupled with the use of direct marketing to our database, print media and social media allows your property to have fantastic exposure to buyers.

The type of property and location often impacts the number of hits you receive. For example – commercial properties are only able to be listed on fewer portals and often receive less views than residential listings. Land and properties located in smaller towns often receive less attention too. On the flip side, Warrnambool homes often receive a very high level of engagement within a day or two of publishing.

Understanding Online Reports – Domain

The Domain report has four different categories – Views, Engagement, Saves & Shares and Enquiries.

Views: Total number of times a user has navigated into the property details page from the search results since the listing was created.

Engagement: Total number of click or other actions from the property details page, including photo gallery views.

Saves & Shares: Total number of times a user has saved the listing to their shortlist or shared via email or social media. Seller tip #1 – If the property has a good number of saves, but a small number of enquiries coming though, it may be time to consider a reposition of the price.

Enquiries: Total number of times a user has attempted to contact the agency. Please note – this can be inaccurate, the email could have been spam, phone number revealed but not dialed, etc.

Seller tip #2 – When attempting to increase enquiry numbers with a reposition of the price, ensure the change lands the listing in a new price category. For example, instead of setting the price at $305,000, try $299,900 to attract buyers searching under $300,000.

Understanding Online Reports –

Similar to Domain, has four different categories – Property Page Views, Saved Property, Phone and SMS Reveals and Email Enquiries. However, it is much more straightforward. Property Page Views, as the name suggests, is the total number of buyers who click on the property to view photos and details. The other three categories are self-explanatory.

Online Reports can provide sellers with a trustworthy snapshot of how their property is performing in regards to marketing – keeping in mind that this is one of many tools our agency uses to find a buyer for your property. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office any time.

Online Reports Example: