If you’re thinking of selling, OR have a property to lease, you can help us help our community!

Portable x-ray machines (also known as image intensifiers) are used by orthopaedic and reconstruction surgeons to ensure good placement of plates and screws when performing surgery to fix broken bones. They’re also used for placement of pacemakers.

Warrnambool’s South West Healthcare only has one portable x-ray machine.

We need two.

This will help avoid elective operations being postponed or cancelled when our only portable x-ray machine is needed for emergency limb-saving surgery. It will also provide a second machine for when two or more people need emergency limb-saving surgery.

Here at Wilsons, we want to help raise some of the $150,000 required to fund a second portable x-ray machine.

For every home seller or landlord that lists their house for sale or rent with Wilsons before the end of August and mentions this promotion, we’ll donate $250 to the cause.

Simply phone our 24/7 number (03) 5561 2777, email sales@wilsonswarrnambool.com.au, visit us at 50 Fairy Street Warrnambool, or click www.wilsonswarrnambool.com.au