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5+ acres with family home wanted

Hi Team,

We are looking to move back to Warrnambool area after being away for a couple of decades. Now have family of 5 so must be:

– 4 bedroom home,

– About minimum 5 acres,

– 10-20 mins commute to town and preferably big sheds for husband to ‘tinker’ in or at least room to build. Not interested in renovating, been there done that.

Looking $500k – $600k (or less!)

Thanks Tania

Central Renovator

Nick and his partner are looking for a 3 bedroom home in the central area of Warrnambool. A renovator would be perfect, something that could be lived in as is and worked on/improved over time. Older style weatherboard or brick is fine as long as the location is great. He’s comfortable buying around the $300,000 level, give or take. Have you got something to suit you’d like to sell? Please call Jeff Nesbitt on 5561 2777 if you’d like a confidential no obligation talk about your property.


These genuine buyers have just missed out on a Timboon property and are looking for something similar anywhere between Timboon and Allansford. Budget can go to $365,000 for the right property – 1-2 acres, 3-4 bedroom home with a great shed or room to build one. They are ready to inspect now and can make an immediate decision on any property. If you reckon your property could suit and  you’re thinking of selling let’s get these excellent potential buyers through! Please contact Jeff Nesbitt on 5561 2777.

Within 10-12 minutes of Warrnambool?

These guys are renting now, and therefore flexible with settlement, but ready to buy now and sooner rather than later. Looking up to $600,000 – possibly $650,000 if it’s perfect. Would like 4 bedrooms and not too old. A good shed is a must, or if price and space allow they would be willing to build one. Ideal areas would be the likes of Illowa, Woodford, Bushfield, etc. Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 55612777.


NEEDED – A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home!

Sophie and Tony are looking to urgently find a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick home. A pergola and double garage would be perfect too. They would prefer the block not to be too big, but big enough for Tony to do a little bit of gardening. Looking to spend $350,000, if you think your house might suit, please call Linda on 03 5561 2777.


Lashae and Lance are in the market to buy a relatively newish family home, 4 bedrooms, spacious enough to have 2 living areas to get some separation from the kids! Looking up to around $420,000, would also look at a house and land package. Has a lease until later in the year so settlement can be flexible and doesn’t have to be rushed. If yours may suit, please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777.

10km radius of Cobden

Brendan is looking for 10-40 acres with a 3-4 bedroom house, 1 bathroom is fine and a second bathroom would be ideal. Needs to be within the Elingamite, Jancourt, Cobrico, Scotts Creek, Cobden area with a price range around $400,000 – $500,000. If you think your house might suit, please call Linda Miller on 5561 2777.

Terang home wanted

Alan is looking to relocate from Werribee and is hoping to find a property in Terang as he loves the fact that he can still jump on a train and get back to Melb easily. Alan’s price bracket is $150,000 – $170,000, it can be brick or weatherboard and side access would be helpful as well. Please call Linda Miller on 5561 2777 if you can help!

North/East Warrnambool, flat block, up to 430k?

Colin and Lyn have just SOLD their home and need another. They would like to be in north Warrnambool, or north-east. Their criteria are as follows: – 3 bedrooms that can comfortably fit queen beds (a study/4th would be a bonus) – Few to no steps – Ensuite – Good size back yard, a buffer from neighbours would be great – Ideally 2 living areas – Budget around $400,000, up to $430,000 If you can help, please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777


Darren and his family are looking for a 4 bedroom plus study home, preferably in one of the more established areas in a little bit closer to town than the brand new estates a little further out. Areas either side of Whites Road would be ideal. Their budget can stretch to about $525,000. Please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777


Mitch is looking for a 2-3 bedroom weatherboard or conite home between $280,000 – $300,000. He is an immediate buyer, so please call Linda if you can help on 03 5561 2777

Calling all bluestone owners

Reece is longing for a bluestone, ideally around Warrnambool or Port Fairy. Preferably not rendered as he likes the ageing bluestone look. Reece would consider an old pub or commercial dwelling as well as residential for the right property and price is no object! Please call Linda on 03 5561 2777 if you think you have the right property.


Tash is looking to purchase in the Port Campbell area with cash waiting. Either a house, unit, townhouse in reasonable condition or a block of land. Price range is between $300,000 to $350,000. If you think you have the property please call Emilee on 03 5561 2777.


This lovely young couple are looking for location first – not too far out from the CBD in any direction. After that, a neat, tidy and not too small 3 bedroom home with an enclosed back yard without any major updates or renovations required would make them very happy. They’re ready to inspect and buy now with a budget that can stretch to the mid $300,000’s if that’s what it takes! Can you help us? Please call Jeff Nesbitt on 03 5561 2777.

Sloped block wanted on the outskirts of town.

Sloped block wanted on the outskirts of town.

Mark is a keen gardener and is looking for a block on the outskirts of Warrnambool or out of town a little, quarter to half an acre is fine. He’d like a bit of slope on the block to create something whereby he can build a house looking over the rest of the property. To not be hemmed in by neighbours would be ideal. Looking to try and keep the land purchase under approx $150,000. Often buyers are wanting flat blocks so if you have a block with a bit of fall on it that may have otherwise presented challenges to sell – Mark could be your buyer. Phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777.



Jay is looking for a home in West Warrnambool that is south of the highway, close to Midfield. He would like a 3-4 bedroom home with 1 or 2 bathrooms, although the more the merrier! He can spend up to $300,000 and is ready to sign contracts. If your house sounds like this, please give Linda a call on 03 5561 2777.


J and W are searching for a spacious Mortlake family home. They’d like something renovated or newer with an open plan and 3 spacious bedrooms. A second bathroom or ensuite would be a bonus, as would a good shed. The yard needs to be spacious and well fenced. They are ready to buy the right property today and can inspect immediately. Contact Jeff Nesbitt on 5561 2777


Darren and his family are looking for a 4 bedroom plus study home, preferably in one of the more established areas in a little bit closer to town than the brand new estates a little further out. Areas either side of Whites Road would be ideal. Please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777.

Do you have land on the outskirts of Warrnambool?

A buyer is looking for some land on the outskirts of Warrnambool, anywhere between 1 – 10 acres approximately. He would consider a brand new house that has already been built on the land, but must be between 1-4 years old or he is happy to build. No neighbours close by and a view are all bonuses too! Bruce’s price range depends on the right property, please call Lucas on 03 5561 2777 if you can help!

Small acreage?

Rob is chasing a small parcel of land (say 1-10 acres but would look at more), it would be ideal if it had an old house on it but not essential. He wants to be within a 15-20 minute radius of Warrnambool e.g. Killarney, Crossley, Allansford, Wangoom etc. Price is flexible, has looked at options above and below $300,000. Please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777.

Small yard but not small home wanted.

Currently in a lovely and large home, these guys still want a classy 4 bedroom home, but would like to lose some of their yard size and maintenance. Desired location would be somewhere in between or accessible to either Centro or Gateway. Price range is quite broad, can certainly spend in the $500-600k range. Please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777

Wanting land to lease

Matt is looking to lease 40 plus acres of land within Warrnambool and surrounding areas. He would like to have cattle on the land and has all the machinery required to maintain and look after the property. He can provide good references on request. If you can help, please give Emilee a call on 03 5561 2777.

South East Warrnambool

We have a buyer wanting to purchase a 2-3 bedroom house, has to be south of the highway and ideally to the South East of Warrnambool or near CBD. The buyer would like a low maintenance property with a garden facing North, although isn’t a deal breaker! Looking to spend $380,000 for the right property. Please call Ben on 03 5561 2777 if you think you can help!

Small, low maintenance home?

Michelle looked at a property on Saturday which was not suitable for her, what she is particularly looking for is the following;
2-3 bedroom
1 bathroom
Unit or small house
small low maintenance yard
preferably brick
If you can help, please give Linda a call on 03 5561 2777.


Sarah is looking for a place for her and her family, as well as her parents, so a self-contained granny flat attached or separate from the house is a requirement – or room to put one if price allows. Flexible with location around our district, enquired on a property in Mortlake. Would ideally like around an acre or so of land. Price for the ideal property could stretch to $450,000. If you can help, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 03 55612777

Mortlake & surrounding areas

Good afternoon Mark,
So they are searching for a 3-4 bedroom house with either a large backyard or some land. The areas that they are interested in is Mortlake, Darlington and surrounding areas. Their budget is 250,000-350,000 but if the right property comes along they might be able to spend more. Do you have anything else available?


Luke is absolutely ready to buy now. He’d like a property either in or out of the towns mentioned above, within 40 minutes of Warrnambool but not actually IN Warrnambool. A big flat block is essential, with good access and a shed or room for one. Just under an acre would be okay in town or on the outskirts, or up to 5 acres would be great too. House just needs to be solid, functional and liveable, Luke is happy to update something over time. Price bracket preferably up to $250,000, maybe up to $300,000 if it’s perfect. Please phone Lucas Wilson at Wilsons on 55612777 if you can help.

Wanting a property with potential out East.

This buyer is open to a range of different options, having looked at properties in the $300,000’s up to the $900,000’s, both in town and on the outskirts of Warrnambool. He is unsure himself of all of his criteria – other than one non-negotiable: PRIVACY. If you have a property offering privacy, it’s only a phone call to find out if it may suit this buyer – please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777

Now this buyer is looking to spend up to $350,000, preferably East Warrnambool. It can be an older house and would like it to have something special on offer, maybe a sea view? If you think this sounds like your house, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777.

Terang, up to $130-140k wanted

Having just sold their home out of town, these guys are looking to downsize in Terang. Still want a house with a bit of a yard. 2 bedrooms would be fine.

If you can help, please phone Lucas on 55612777 any time.


Hi Jeff,

I’m looking for a 2 bedroom house…preferably brick.  We also need a bit of backyard as we have 3 Maltese Shitzus, and they need a place to run.  We prefer the east side or the area that leads out to Wangoom, or Allansford. Another thing we’re considering is a cheap block of land for about 80k which we could perhaps put a transportable on.  I know it’s a hard find…but there’s no harm in trying.


Kind Regards,


(please call Jeff Nesbitt on 55612777)


These buyers have sold, relocated to Warrnambool and are patiently waiting for the right property to come up. With a budget up to in the higher $400,000’s, we’re searching for a newer home with some size – 28-30+ squares would be great. Land size is important too, we’d like side access for a caravan, room for kids to play – 800m2 plus. A covered alfresco / outdoor area would be a bonus. Have you got the right one?! Contact Jeff Nesbitt on 5561 2777


Hi Jeff! We’re looking  for our land up to 15 minutes outside of Warrnambool, any location considered. Well fenced and flat preferred, with or without essential services, but it would be great to have a power pit at the gate and maybe a crossover at the least. Please call Jeff Nesbitt on 03 5561 2777

Brick house under 300k?

Moving to Warrnambool from Melbourne, the priority here is a nice, safe location for her and her daughter. She would like a brick house, ideally close to a primary school. If you think you can help, please phone Lucas Wilson on 03 55612777

Central house with character desired please

Hi Lucas,

Here is my property search list.

I’m looking to relocate to Warrnambool and these are the following areas that appeal to me:

  • In the triangle bordering the Hopkins hwy, Botanic Rd & Raglan Pde (but not on Raglan Parade)
  • Inner town streets south of Raglan Pde, to Foster St, Merri St and up to Ryot St
  • Walking distance to Liebig St

A house on a minimum of 550sq and maximum 750sq of land, not too much land but enough to have a decent garden, preferably a house with character, Victorian, Edwardian, Californian bungalow, Deco rendered house, 1900’s to 1930’s/1940’s, to 1950/60’s, 3 bedrooms, renovated/partly renovated or unrenovated. I am looking to spend ideally $400,000 – $500,000 but could go a little bit more for the perfect home.

Please let me know when a property comes on the market or before that may suit my needs.

I am a cash buyer and am flexible with the settlement times.


****** *****

(Please phone Lucas on 03 55612777)

Central-ish, low maintenance up to 450K

Moving to Warrnambool and already sold, not looking for anything huge but would like 2 bathrooms.  Not too big a block would be good, close to the CBD, beach, or near Albert Park – but maybe not on the highway.  Can spend up to $450,000.  Phone Lucas on 03 55612777

Warrnambool, $380,000-$410,000 family home?

Moving for work from the other side of Melbourne, the requirements for this family are at least 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, double garage, and enough yard for the family with 2 children.  The move is imminent, ready to buy now!  Please phone Lucas Wilson on 03 55612777

Looking for a small hobby farm

I’m currently looking for a small hobby farm property to buy. Requirements:

  • Small house in a reasonable condition, doesn’t need major repairs etc
  • 2 bedrooms (or more)
  • 4-6 acres, preferably already fenced into paddocks for horses
  • Anywhere in the Mortlake, Terang, Allansford, Camperdown, Warrnambool, Port Fairy area.
  • Budget of $200k

Phone Jeff Nesbitt on 03 55612777


Taking up new job in Warrnambool. Moving as soon as house is found. 2 or 3 B/R. Knows her price range is $250K and understands what she can expect. Garden, garaging are not a priority. Ring now – Mark Wilson – (03) 55612777


Looked at and missed out on a house in Crawley Street, wants $200,000 – $220,000 range for himself and family. Wants to and can buy now. Please ring Mark Wilson on 03 5561 2777.


Sold in Northern Victoria the horses and owners are moving. Can purchase now in a $400,000 to $470,000 price range. Nothing too grand, but well maintained, reasonably modern 3 bedroom house on 2.5-7 acres that is 10-15 minutes from the outskirts of Warrnambool. Please ring Mark Wilson on 03 5561 2777 if you can help!

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