Properties Wanted


We are helping a retired couple find a place to call home, they have sold and are eager to buy now! Three bedrooms and looking as central as possible, would happily consider properties in the north and south areas of Warrnambool as well. They can spend around $350,000 for the right property and would like to avoid renovating if possible. A quiet street and walking distance to a café would be a bonus! If you can assist, please call Wilsons on (03) 55612777.


We have buyers ready to go now, happy to proceed despite the Coronavirus crisis, to purchase either in town or on the outskirts of town in Mailors Flat, Grassmere or Bushfield.  They would like room to move with a bigger block up to an acre or two out of town, or a reasonable sized block in town. Location isn’t an issue in town. A good shed is a must, or if price and space allow they would be willing to build one. The house has to have at least 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and not too old! Looking for something up to $550,000 out of town or a bit less in town. Do you have a property that fits? Please phone Emilee at Wilsons on 5561 2777


Tory is looking for a 2-3 bedroom Warrnambool home under $300,000. Not looking to do big renovations but can paint and tidy up the property if needed. Please call Wilsons if you can help Tory find a place to call home.


Can you help Paula, who is on a deadline to buy in Koroit?
She needs 2 bedrooms and can spend up to an absolute maximum of $325,000.
Low maintenance would be good, but she is happy to mow a reasonable sized lawn.
She has until early April to find something, allowing for a 60 day settlement after that.
If you can help Paula, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 55612777


Self-funded retirees Robyn and Peter have sold their house and are making the move from Mansfield. They like Warrnambool and surrounding areas (including Port Fairy and Portland). Three bedrooms is preferred, and they can be flexible on move in date. Shedding and some storage space for a caravan and trailer would be a bonus! Price range is $350-$450 but can be adjusted based on the property. Looking to buy in four years so a long term tenancy would be ideal.
Please call Juanita on (03) 55612777 if you can help Robyn and Peter.

Victorian Architecture Enthusiasts

Are you looking to sell a Victorian home? We have a couple of architecture fans searching for a home located centrally on a larger block. They would love an untouched Victorian property without much renovation. Their price range depends entirely on the property. Please call Ashley from Wilsons if you can help (03) 5561 2777.

Allansford / Eastern Side of Warrnambool?

Colin and Rosalie came into the office to ‘register as buyers’. Looking for a home in Allansford / Eastern side of Warrnambool; 3 plus bedroom with ensuite, good shedding or room to add it, caravan storage option if possible. Can spend $450 – 600k. Can settle now or down the track. Please call 55612777 if you can help!


Ebony and her family have just sold in Warrnambool and are looking to upgrade. Just missed out on another one that went just above their limit of $450,000.
They’d like a minimum of 3 bedrooms, a 4th or study would be a bonus, as would a second living area. Double garage ideal but not essential.
Simply looking to upsize a little from their small first home as their family grows.
The main requirement is that it doesn’t need a lot of work to be done on it, so ideally the newer the better, or updated recently. They don’t want to be spending their weekends, or more money, renovating.
Flexible with location within Warrnambool.
If you can help, please phone their agent – Lucas Wilson – on (03) 55612777

House on 20-80 acres wanted, Port Fairy area.

House on 20-80 acres wanted, Port Fairy area.

Damian’s family is looking to move to the area and wants to be within 10-15 minutes of some relatives who live in Port Fairy.

They would like to run some cattle, so a minimum of 15-20 acres up to 80-100 acres would be ideal, with a house that can accommodate their family of 3 children, so either a 4 bedroom or at least 3 bedrooms with 2 living areas. Happy to update/modernise something but needs to be livable straight away.

Can spend up to $700,000-$800,000 for the right place, happy to spend less if work needs doing.

Can you help Damian? Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 5561 2777

3 Bedrooms Under $300,000?

Lisa and her family are longing for a place to call home… They would love a basic 3 bedroom home in the Merrivale, Dennington or South Warrnambool area. Lisa can spend up to $300,000. If you can assist, please call Wilsons on 55612777.

We would love a fixer-upper!

Cindy and her family are looking to make the move to Warrnambool. Her husband is a builder, so they would love a fixer-upper! Three bedrooms, or two with room for an extension, one bathroom and one storey if possible. Can spend up to $300,000. Could your home be Cindy’s next project? Please call Lucas Wilson 55612777.

Cudgee, Mepunga or Allansford Area?

Keith is searching for a 2-3 bedroom home in the Cudgee, Mepunga or Allansford area. Most importantly, he needs a decent sized garage (3-4 bay). If you think you can help Keith find a place to call home, please give Lucas Wilson a call on 55612777.

East Warrnambool / Gateway Plaza Area

George and his friend are looking for a 3 bedroom home in either East Warrnambool or around the Gateway Plaza area. They aren’t too fussy; it just needs to be 3 or 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a double garage. Prefer a flat block but they will look at anything. Ready to go buyers from $350,000 to $450,000 for the right property. If you think you have the perfect property for George, please give Wilsons a call on 55612777.


We are trying to help a couple who have been wanting to make the move from Melbourne to Terang. Everything they have enquired on has sold too quickly! They need a three bedroom home and can spend around $300,000. They are not worried about the number of bathrooms, size of the block, brick or weatherboard… They just want to make the move! Please call 55612777 if you or someone you know can help.


Carolyn is looking to purchase a home on a few acres (at least one) on Warrnambool’s outskirts, a 3-4 bedroom home with open plan living and a nice outlook, ideally with a decent shed and a fenced yard, up to $700,000. Would look at the Bushfield and Allansford areas, not much further out of town than this. If you can help, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777


Jess is making the move from New Zealand across to Warrnambool and is looking for her perfect new home. She loves the East Warrnambool area, especially being close to the Hopkins. Jess doesn’t need a huge home but does love a home that is nice and bright with lots of natural light. 2-3 bedroom would be ideal and price is flexible for the right home. If you think you can help Jess, please call Lucas on 5561 2777.

Brick house or unit in Warrnambool?

We have a local investor searching for a property! He is looking for a house or unit, relatively tidy and ideally in Warrnambool or close to. When it comes to property features, he is very flexible. However, brick would be a bonus. Comfortable spending up to $300,000. If you think your house might suit, please call Lucas Wilson on 5561 2777.


Emily is looking for a 2 bedroom unit in East Warrnambool. A single lock up garage is a must and she is absolutely ready to buy. If you are considering selling and can help Emily out, please give Lucas a call on 5561 2777.


Kellie is searching for her perfect property in Mortlake. She needs 3 bedrooms and in an ideal world it would have 2 bathrooms but it’s not essential. Two living spaces and a fireplace or wood burning heater to keep it warm and cosy during winter would be perfect. Kellie has up to $180,000 to spend. If you think your house will suit, please call Lucas on 03 5561 2777.


Gary is looking to relocate to Warrnambool and needs a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom forever home. It would need to be a fairly flat block with minimal, if any stairs throughout the house, although small adjustments can be made for the right home. A real bonus would be if it were already wheelchair accessible. Ideally the master/ensuite would be at the opposite end of the house to the other bedrooms. Gary would also consider a two story place if the master bedroom was downstairs and is looking at spending up to $400,000. If you think you can help Gary out, please call Lucas on (03) 5561 2777



Michelle is looking for a block (even better if it has a small 1-2 bedroom home on it) that is surrounded by trees with access to river or bush walks. Ideally this would be within ½ hour from Warrnambool and Michelle really loves the Timboon area. Price for a block is not concrete however if it has a small home on it Michelle would be looking to spend up to $150,000. If you can help Michelle find her dream home, please give Lucas a call on 55612777.


Can you help Helen? She has sold their large home and is looking to downsize into something nice and low maintenance, 3BR or 2 + study, with 2 bathrooms, double garage, single level and on a smallish block of land. Would love to be moving in December. Flexible with price. Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 55612777 if you might be able to help.


Jenny is looking to buy a home in Warrnambool, (preferably West or Dennington areas) with 3 bedrooms (preferably plus a study), and the big key is a studio so that she can run her business from home. Would your property suit this specific purpose? She is looking to spend up to about $380,000. Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777


Angela and her family are looking for a nice house on say 1 to 10 acres (more would be potentially ok) in the areas between Allansford to Port Fairy including Koroit and surrounds. They would like a minimum of 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms and a garage, plus ideally a shed (but this can be built later so not a deal-breaker). They are looking to spend up to around $700,000, possibly more for the perfect property. Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777 if you think yours may suit.


Michael and his wife are retiring to the Warrnambool area from NSW and are on a mission to find their home here. The criteria are as follows:

– 2 or 3 bedrooms, small house (or possibly a duplex)
– Garage, preferably attached, single with some extra room or double
– Verandah with room to sit outside
– Would LOVE a bit of a view
– Not on a busy, main road
– Reasonable proximity to shops and medical facilities
– A satellite town, eg Koroit, is okay.
– Price range $300,000-$400,000

Can you help? Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 5561 2777


Previously local family looking to get back home – they would love to settle within half hour of Warrnambool either side. Anything from 100 to 400 acres. Keen to get into beef and potentially sheep, having both come from a dairy background.  They want to set their own house up, so bare land is fine, or if there a house already on it that will save them setting up electricity, water, septic etc but they’d likely renovate or start again.  If you can help, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777

10km radius of Cobden

Brendan is looking for 10-40 acres with a 3-4 bedroom house, 2 living areas, 1 bathroom is fine and a second bathroom would be ideal. Needs to be within the Elingamite, Jancourt, Cobrico, Scotts Creek, Cobden area with a price range around $400,000 – $500,000. If you think your house might suit, please call Lucas Wilson on 5561 2777.

Central / South Warrnambool please?

Darren and his family have their finance ready to go and are looking to get into something in Central or South Warrnambool.  Budget is up to 400-450k, would also look around the Birdwood/Wildwood/McConnell Street area.  Happy to embark on a bit of a project if work is required, and would want a house as opposed to a townhouse.  Flexible with settlement as it would likely be a rental at first. If your property may suit, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 55612777.


We have a family looking for a 3/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home around the Granny’s Grave area, close to the beach. Wanting to spend up to around $450,000 but will go higher for the right property! Isn’t scared of some renovations just wanting the location. Call Lucas from Wilsons on 55612777 if you think you have the perfect property!!

Vacant Land Wanted

Sam and Lani are on the hunt for some vacant land out of town between or north of Warrnambool and Killarney. They would like anything between 1 acre to 10 acres to build their dream home on. If you have something that might help out Sam and Lani, please call Lucas at Wilsons on 03 5561 2777.


Faye and Roger have sold up in the country and are ready to buy NOW! They have up to $500,000 for the absolute right property. Looking for a 3 bedroom plus study or 4 bedroom modern home in North or East Warrnambool. Something that has a bigger block with a shed or room for a shed to be put up. If this sounds like something you have and are looking to sell, please call Lucas at Wilsons on 5561 2777.

Can spend 350k-500k, looking for a 4BR house.

A family I am working with is looking for a house to buy in Warrnambool.  They love East, let’s say if you drew a line North-South along Mortlake Road – east of this, and no further north than Whites Road preferably.  They would like a 4 bedroom house, and are happy to spend somewhere in the range of $350,000 to $500,000.  Something built in the nineties is likely what they are picturing.

Can you help?

Please phone Lucas Wilson at Wilsons on (03) 55612777


James and his family are looking to buy their next home. This is their criteria:
* Close to CBD or south of the highway
* At least 3 but more likely 4 bedrooms
* 2 bathrooms
* Space for kids to run around (maybe a pool)
* Budget of anywhere from $400k up to $750/$800k
* Not really wanting to renovate but if it’s only cosmetic stuff then that would be okay.
Can you help? Please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777


Joan is ready to buy now, within about 20 minutes of Warrnambool, ideally to the north or east, up to about $500,000. She would like something with a bit of character, is happy to do some work on a property if required, and would like at least 5 acres. If you can help, please phone Lucas Wilson on 55612777


Grace and family have sold their property and looking to purchase their next home. They would love something with a bit of land, say from half an acre up to a few acres. They’d like 3+ bedrooms and ideally some decent shedding. They can spend up to about $450,000, maybe up to $480,000 for the perfect place, or less if it requires some renovation or shedding. Ideal areas would be around Koroit, Winslow, Kirkstall, Mailors Flat, etc. If your property might suit, feel free to ring Lucas Wilson on 55612777

Koroit – home wanted, smallish block

Mike & Judy would like to buy a nice house or townhouse, 3 bedrooms (or 2 plus office), garage, and a smallish block would suit.  They love Koroit, but would also look in Warrnambool. A view/outlook would be a real bonus.  Budget can be up to an absolute maximum of $400,000, but happy to spend considerably less than this.  If your property might suit, please phone Lucas Wilson on (03) 55612777.


We have a couple looking for a townhouse within Warrnambool, anywhere in Warrnambool as a matter of fact! 2-3 bedrooms with no stairs, they have just sold their property and are READY to go. Have a budget up to $310,000. If you have a townhouse that may suit this couple, please call Emilee anytime on 03 5561 2777



Kylie is looking for a house on a generous sized block in Terang, ideally on about a 1000m2 (quarter acre) block of land.

She would like 3 bedrooms and 2 living areas, or a 4 bedroom house. Ideally it would have a garage/shed as well. She likes character, would love something with nice high ceilings, and would prefer weatherboard over brick.

Kylie recently enquired on a house that we sold for $250,000, so this price bracket is fine, and if she doesn’t need to renovate could go up to about $320,000 for the right home.

Please phone Lucas at Wilsons on (03) 55612777.

Room for patchwork

Thelma is looking for a beautiful new place to call home. It must be at least three bedrooms but it must have the most important special feature, to accommodate her passion in patch working. If you know what is involved with patch working on a large scale then you know that the room must be large enough to accommodate a loom, several workbenches and several sewing benches. The land outside doesn’t need to be very large at all it can be 400 or 500 m². A double garage with internal access and no work to be done on the inside would be ideal. Up to $650,000 and more than 5-6 years old. Ideally North Warrnambool or Central. If you have something that will suit Thelma, call Linda Miller on 5561 2777.


Pam has moved to the area from Queensland, and would like to buy a property within about 15 minutes of Warrnambool. She just missed out on one in the Grassmere area. She can pay cash for the right property and is looking to spend around the $500,000-$550,000 range. Something suited to run a few horses would be ideal, and as for the house, 2+ bedrooms will suffice. If your property might suit and you’re thinking of selling, please phone Lucas Wilson on (03) 55612777

Wanting a property with potential out East.

This buyer is open to a range of different options, having looked at properties in the $300,000’s up to the $900,000’s, both in town and on the outskirts of Warrnambool. He is unsure himself of all of his criteria – other than one non-negotiable: PRIVACY. If you have a property offering privacy, it’s only a phone call to find out if it may suit this buyer – please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777

Now this buyer is looking to spend up to $350,000, preferably East Warrnambool. It can be an older house and would like it to have something special on offer, maybe a sea view? If you think this sounds like your house, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777.

Central-ish, low maintenance up to 450K

Moving to Warrnambool and already sold, not looking for anything huge but would like 2 bathrooms.  Not too big a block would be good, close to the CBD, beach, or near Albert Park – but maybe not on the highway.  Can spend up to $450,000.  Phone Lucas on 03 55612777

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