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Property Management in Warrnambool the way it SHOULD be!

Thanks for considering Wilsons for your property management services!  So how SHOULD property management be?  EASY!  With Wilsons, you will receive full communication, transparency, professionalism and care.  The following should provide you with everything that you need to know about our services, but if there is something we’ve missed, please ask.

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Property management Warrnambool

Property Management Fees

We will provide you with a service that is free of hidden charges and has developed a simple fee structure that ensures you know all of the costs in advance. You will be charged a flat initial leasing fee to cover tenant selection and vetting, and a flat monthly management fee to cover all of the services detailed below. Unlike more traditional fee structures, we will not charge you extra for items such as advertising, tenant referencing or statements.

Leasing Fee: this includes internet advertising, conducting inspections, application and reference checks, document preparation and digital photos. You will not be charged a re-leasing fee for negotiating a lease with the existing tenant. Fee: 1 week rental.

Property Management Fee: this includes the rental collection, routine inspections, rent reviews, lease renegotiations, arranging repairs and maintenance, paying of rates and invoices on your behalf, VCAT attendance and vacating inspections. Fee: 7.7% (incl GST) of the gross monthly rent collected.

Owner Portals

Here at Wilsons, you will have complete access to monthly statements, receipts, jobs, inspection reports and other documents at your fingertips. We run our management through PropertyMe, a cloud-based management system. You will have your own log-in to access everything electronically when it suits you.


Wilsons handle the preparation of all documentation required to ensure all legal aspects are covered and your new tenant makes a smooth transition into your rental property. We will:

  • Prepare lease documents
  • Add any pertinent special conditions
  • Complete a written condition report of the property
  • Take digital photos as further documentation of the property’s condition
  • Provide a Department of Consumer Affairs rental guide which explains the rights and duties of the tenant
  • Complete the required Bond Lodgement form and forward with the bond to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
  • Provide the local water authority with the tenant’s details so water bills are sent directly to the tenant (providing the property has a separate water meter)
  • Prepare full inventories of furnished properties.

Tenant Selection

At Wilsons, we pride ourselves on our detailed and comprehensive application process that aims to find you the best tenant possible. Our selection process includes:

  • Pre Inspection Application forms completed by any prospective tenants
  • Detailed reference checks, rental history checks
  • Meet & Greet with one of our friendly Property Managers at your property
  • Presenting detailed applications to you for review;
  • Prospective tenants are required to complete a comprehensive application form so their suitability can be ascertained. This includes current and previous agents/landlords, current and previous employers, plus personal and professional referees.

Property Inspection

At Wilsons, it is our company policy to inspect your rental property in the third month of every new tenancy and six monthly thereafter (in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997).

These property inspections are aimed at ensuring your tenants are maintaining the property in a caring and responsible manner. After every Routine Inspection, we will report to you in writing regarding the general condition of the property, both internally and externally, as well as the manner in which the tenants are caring for the property.

This report will also include photos of the property, where possible, for your records. In order to maintain your property to a consistently high standard, it is crucial that a thorough Condition Report is compiled at the commencement of each new tenancy to record the current condition of the property, including extensive photographs of every aspect of your investment. This report will incorporate all fixtures and fittings, lawns, gardens, fencing and shedding.

Property Maintenance

We can arrange maintenance to your property according to your instructions. In the case of non-urgent maintenance, we can either refer to you before taking action or can organise maintenance on your behalf up to an agreed cost. If you have preferred tradespeople, we will record their details and contact them when required.

Certain repairs are considered under the Residential Tenancies Act to be of such a serious nature that action must be taken immediately. Should such a situation arise, we will take all reasonable steps to contact you but if we are unable to, we will arrange necessary repairs.

Tenants have the authority under the Residential Tenancies Act to organise urgent repairs up to $1800.00 out of office hours – we, therefore, supply each tenant with details of our preferred tradespeople for such instances.

Rental Payments in Arrears

We follow up all rental payments once they are more than 3 days in arrears and serve the relevant Notices in due course. You will always be informed if your tenant falls into arrears.


Your feedback is important to us.  If there is something we need to fix, please tell us.  If you believe we do a good job, please tell others!

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