Written by Lucas Wilson

Tragically, unexpectedly, and suddenly (in relative terms – there was 2 weeks notice that meant everything), my sister Sally’s beautiful little 99-days-young baby Lucia was recently taken away from this earth and became an angel.

The strength my sister, and her husband, my amazing brother-in-law Pete, and their circle of family and friends have shown, is amazing.

Lucia taught us all, from family, friends, and many many strangers whom Lucia’s story touched, to cherish every day and to cherish those around us, to look out for those around us, and to smell the roses under our noses.

Lucia had such a beautiful, carefree, serendipitous nature and was oblivious to the pain around her – she felt none.

My twin sisters, Suzy and Sally, are inspirations.

Rather than dwell in the sadness and loss, the focus has been on drawing positives and making a positive impact.

We are fundraising for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

We have banded together a team of over 140 people at present and counting, to stretch ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, to run/walk as far as we can in the various events available at the Melbourne Marathon Running Festival.

If you would like to join us, do so, and join our team, Lucia’s Angels.

And/or – if you’d like to donate, do so here:


Angel Baby Lucia Extended from KARON PHOTOGRAPHY & MEDIA on Vimeo.