Free ‘Rainbow Listing’ service

Have you put moving plans ‘on hold’ for now due to the Coronavirus situation, but still want to sell once things settle back down?  Whether you’re ‘pushing pause’ is due to uncertainty about the market, or simply thinking that it’s prudent to avoid having people come to your house at present, we can still help you now.

Our FREE ‘Rainbow Listing’ service means that if you plan to sell AFTER the Coronavirus storm, we can, remotely, have you marketed online and to our database NOW so that buyers also making future plans can register their interest, and when things come back to normal, your foresight will hopefully reward you with a list of interested buyers ready to inspect and compete for your property!

We are available by phone at (03) 55612777 and email to answer any of your questions, discuss all things real estate, along with the benefits of choosing Wilsons. We can even skype or facetime to ‘virtually’ meet “face-to-face”. We will spend as much time as required answering any questions you may have.

This will be our real estate agent’s equivalent of a remote “job interview”.  Be sure to ask us about our special “Rainbow Rate” (only payable upon a sale down the track, and if you change your mind at any time and decide not to sell, there will be no charges whatsoever).


With some detailed discussions with you, along with some comprehensive online analysis we can arrive at the right price for your property.

If you’re comfortable to proceed after your remote research/interview, the next step is as follows:

While spending so much time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your home absolutely sparkle!


Once it is sparkling, you could spend some time honing your photography skills. We can still take the main, external front photo.  Most smartphones take brilliant photos these days, you can submit them via the form below along with all the information about your property, and we can get your property uploaded to all the website portals, and all other online channels. We can direct it to our database and social media channels, all remotely, all without anyone needing to leave home.


*If you’d prefer to meet a representative in person, and/or have photos taken for you, with the current restrictions, provided all precautions are taken, we can still do this.  However, as outlined above, if your preference is to minimise/avoid interactions altogether, our Rainbow Listing Service caters for exactly this.

Potential future buyers will have plenty of time to browse online, and can be making their own property plans for when we resume life as we previously knew it. We can handle all enquiries, both phone and email, and keep a register of all interest in your property.

Picture this – the flipside of the current pandemic arrives – which it will – and because you showed some initiative, creativity and clever foresight – you have a large list of buyers clamoring to get to your property to inspect it.

The competition created by the inability of access, together with the likelihood that there will be fewer properties on the market, will be your greatest asset, utilising the negotiation principle of scarcity, potentially leading to a great result for you.

– Particularly when you have a highly trained and skilled negotiator working for you, using a system designed to get you the highest possible price.

Our skills in negotiation and face-to-face sales and communication can never be replaced by a computer or the internet, and will still be your greatest ally – once you need it when we are actually selling and negotiating on your behalf.

Emerge from hibernation – ahead of the curve!

Listing this way now does not mean selling now – but it will mean selling as soon as practically possible, and selling for more.

Hit the ground running on the other side of this. After the storm comes the rainbow.

*Note: Rainbow Listings are a different type of listing, and will be marketed as such.  Buyers will be made aware that inspections are not going to be undertaken until after we return to life as we knew it.  If you are open to, or need to, sell now, we can absolutely help with this too, as things stand at the moment.

Fill in the form below to ensure your real estate rainbow lies at the end of the coronavirus storm:

If you’d prefer, we are happy to do this over the phone taking notes.  Once this is submitted, or at any time prior, we can arrange the required appropriate exclusive listing authority paperwork to be signed, along with our “Sell Safe” guarantee that your Wilsons representative will sign for you, which means this is completely risk-free from your perspective.  We can either do this via email, or delivery and pickup to/from your letterbox, abiding by all social distancing protocols.

Rainbow Listing Form