Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson


“What’s best for the client?”  That’s how we base most of our decision-making processes at Wilsons

About Mark

Since 1976, before his son Lucas was even born and he was persisting with drop-kicks while playing footy with Grassmere, Mark Wilson has been a major part of the landscape of Warrnambool & district’s real estate industry – a landscape that has been as ever-changing as that of our national game!  But while the dropkick is gone from Aussie rules, Mark continues to thrive in the property game.

Switching at that point from selling livestock throughout the district to selling real estate, no conversation about the historical local property market is complete without reference to Mark. The careers of many local agents were hatched under Mark’s guidance.

Naturally with over 40 years of local real estate experience, coupled with a constant obsession with ongoing training and learning, Mark has a wealth of knowledge of all facets of the industry.  No-one in the district knows more about commercial real estate, and it’s likely that Mark has helped more people sell and buy houses than anyone else in Warrnambool.

Clients constantly come back and ask for Mark, because they know two things:

  1. He cares.
  2. He gets results.

He’s boisterous, forthright, persistent, honest and loyal, with a kind heart at the core and an obsession for getting the best result possible for his clients.  Ask for Mark and he’ll get the job done for you!