We asked Iris a few questions about her buying experience with Wilsons, always looking for feedback to help improve our service.  We believe that what customers say about a company’s service, means a lot more than what the company says about itself.

1: “How did you find out about the property?”

We found the property on Domain.com

2: “What, if anything, have you found to be distinctly pleasing about our service?”

We were coming to Warrnambool from Melbourne to inspect as many house as possible in 1 day, we found Wilsons Real estate were the most accommodating out of all the agents working to our time frame. After a long day and many houses we finally met Lucas from Wilsons, what a refreshing meeting, Finally a person who was Real, who made us feel listened to and was willing to work with us. Before meeting with Lucas my husband and I were very disillusioned about the whole prospect of buying in Warrnambool. From the very start to the end Lucas @ Wilsons and the whole team have looked after us so well and have catered to all our needs without hesitation. The personalised service made us feel that we were more than just another Sale. We are so glad to have found our forever home with Wilsons.

3: “What, if anything, could we do to improve our service?”

Nothing perfect as you are 🙂

And Is it okay for us to use your response in any of our marketing material and if so are you okay if we quote your name?

Yes and Yes

Thank you Iris and Norm – we wish you all the best, from the team at Wilsons!