Article by Cheryl McKenna – Office Manager and licensed estate agent.

What’s your number baby?

What’s in a number?  It depends on who you ask.  For many cultures around the world numbers can dictate many things, from who you marry, whether you are a lucky person to what field you work in.  So how does your house number fit you?

To find your numerological number add the digits of your house number together to get a single digit between 1 and 9.

Ie. For 2/56 Smith Street – 2 + 5 + 6 = 13            1 + 3 = 4

So lets have a look!

Number 1 or 10 house –

Associated words – Hero and Spirit

Lucky colour – Red (Action) and Gold (Energy)

Promotes independence, innovation, ingenuity and is great for people looking for a fresh start.  Living in a Number 1 House can strengthen your character, determination and self-confidence. These homes are often constantly busy, and can become rental properties because not everyone can cope with the fast pace!

Number 2 House

Associated words – Time and Ocean

Lucky colour – Orange (Feelings) and Silver (Moon energy)

Encourages intimacy, creativity and patience.  The Number 2 House will always feel welcome, nurturing and loving.  The strong emotions of this house can sometimes leave its inhabitants being a little over sensitive.  Live here if you want peace and quiet, but watch out for hoarding and becoming too passive!

Number 3 House

Associated words – Art and Passion

Lucky colour – Yellow (Power)

Great for gatherings, raising children and open communication.  3 is a lucky number and the Number 3 House is cheerful and energetic.  Feelings are openly expressed here, and creative energy abounds.  Sometimes not the tidiest of houses!  Be kind to yourself and make sure you self-nurture in this house.

Number 4 House

Associated words – Science and Garden

Lucky colour – Green and Pink (Love)

This house is somewhere you can feel safe and secure.  This house is grounded and solid.   Discipline and structure abound, encouraging commitment, but be careful it doesn’t make you inflexible.

Number 5 House

Associated words – Learn and Life

Lucky colour – Blue (Change)

An amazing house number for travellers, night owls , gypsies and forever-young types, you will always have people stopping by; the Number 5 House is the party house!  But if you are looking for stability, keep looking; these houses come up for rent more than any other house number.

Number 6 House

Associated words – Truth

Lucky colour – Indigo / Dark Blue (Vision)

Often beautiful, this home is excellent for families, pets and home businesses; a nest for lovebirds and soulmates.  The Number 6 House is truly a sanctuary where you will feel the urge to nurture and take care of others. Be wary of worrying too much about appearances, and make sure you leave space for self nurture.

Number 7 House

Associated words – Flower

Lucky colour – Purple (Wisdom and Trust)

Excellent for nature lovers, writers, students or the spiritual at heart, but don’t  live here if you hate being single or spending time in your own company!  Add a water element to this home to add to the tranquillity.  This is a home for quiet reflection and deep thought, but Number 7 can also love to escape, so be wary of addictions.

Number 8 House

Associated words – Creator and Think

Lucky colour – White and Pink (Strength)

The money number in China, the number 8 is associated with good returns over the long-term, and brings power to the owner and encourages philanthropy.  Entrepreneurs will benefit, as will those running their own business from home.  This is a house for career focused, goal driven inhabitants. But you can’t cut corners in an 8 house – what goes around comes around!  And cheapskates be warned – don’t scrimp on insurance or maintenance.

Number 9 House

Associated words – Leader and School

Lucky colours – Brown, Bronze or Gold (Universal Healing)

Everyone feels welcome in the Number 9 House, it’s a dreamy space, the universal number of love and compassion, and great for international or diverse residents.  You will learn a great deal about yourself living in a Number 9 House.  Watch that guests don’t get too comfy and leave things behind – you will need to have regular garage sales!

No matter what the number, home is where the heart is!

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