A temporary Sewing Station will be set up at 102 Liebig Street, Warrnambool.

Open 10am to 2pm, 12th – 16th and 20th – 23rd June.

The venue will have sewing machines and recycled fabric available for the community to make or watch being made reusable shopping bags. The bags will be available to the community.

Why? Because we need to work together and help reduce the demand for single use light-weight plastic bags.

Sewing Station is supported by the Warrnambool Boomerang Bags group. “Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made, using recycled materials.”

Sewing Station was the successful project at Beers and Ideas round three on 28th March.
Beers and Ideas is a place for sharing, funding, creating and celebrating placemaking ideas in Warrnambool.

Reducing the need for single use light-weight plastic bags and repairing our natural environment is a community effort. These wonderful organisations and numerous individuals are offering their support, and the list is growing:
South West Health
Life Line
Warrnambool City Council
The F Project
Brightbird cafe
Macks Snacks
Darrians Office & Art Supplies
Periwinkle Patchwork
Boomerang Bags
Warrnambool Community Garden
Spray Free Fresh Produce
Hunni’s Cafe
Browns Depot Bakery
Pinky’s Pizza Warrnambool
Warrnambool Lions Club

The project is managed by two volunteers Brenda O’Connor (aka Breezy Blenda) and Janet Zijm as well as a team of amazingly dedicated volunteers.

Sewing Station is a place to meet, to sew (if you want), to come together, bring ideas or be inspired by new ideas, a place to be.

Vision statement
Our community living in balance with our natural environment, without waste and pollution.

Mission statement
To inspire and educate our community to CLOSE THE LOOP in our use of textiles and extend that principle to all resources in the household.

Educate the community on the detrimental environmental effects of:

Single use products, particularly plastic bags
Plastics in waste
Waste in landfill and wastewater.
Support the Boomerang Bag initiative by making cloth bags from waste fabric, to be distributed in the community to use instead of plastic bags
Create awareness of the impact of textiles in the natural environment and encourage sustainable use
Teach basic sewing skills on how to make bags, repair clothes, upcycle clothing
Provide opportunity for formal and informal discussion
Establish connections with like-minded community members