Read Glenda’s answers to a couple of questions after recently selling her Bushfield property through Wilsons:

1: “Why did you initially choose to list your property with Wilsons?”

It began with our taking advantage of a Wilson free valuation offer left in our letter box. I called and asked could I have that free valuation on my Bushfield property, explaining that I wasn’t ready to sell at that time but had intentions of doing so in the future. We found Lucas to be very professional, and obliging. Following the valuation, he kindly made periodic contact by phone, which I appreciated, and when I was ready to start preparing the property for sale, I contacted him for his advice.

2: “What, if anything, have you found to be distinctly pleasing about our service?”

Very clear and professional presentation of the service offered and all of the issues involved in selling the property. Regular communication to advise how the market was seeing the property, and to ask how we wanted to proceed; always providing good advice when we asked for it, yet always leaving the decision with us.

3: “What, if anything, could we do to improve our service?”

Nothing comes to mind.