Are you a current or prospective tenant or property investor?

Would you like to know more about renting, leasing, property investment and/or anything related to property management in Warrnambool and/or our surrounding district?

We’d like to introduce you to Juanita Russell, the head of the Wilsons property management department.  Juanita has a strong history of delighted stakeholders on all sides of the renting equation.

If you’d like to experience property management – the way it should be – feel free to give Juanita a ring any time on (03) 5561 2777.  For our LANDLORD INFORMATION – CLICK HERE

Juanita was recently sought out as the expert on the rental shortage currently being experienced in Mortlake – read some of her thoughts and other information here.

Juanita and the whole Wilsons team will be across the extensive range of new and upcoming changes to rental laws.

The Victorian Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018, which includes more than 130 reforms designed to increase protections for renters, while ensuring those who provide rental housing can still effectively manage their properties.

Consumer Affairs Victoria will oversee implementation of the new laws. The full set of changes have not yet come into effect. They will be introduced progressively as further consultation is required to develop guidelines, with all reforms commencing by 1 July 2020.