Properties Wanted


Anne is looking to move back to Warrnambool from Melbourne and would like to buy a house, with a decent back yard for her kelpie-cross. She’d like 3 bedrooms, relatively modern with not too much work required, and North Warrnambool would be her preference. Budget can stretch up to $500,000. If you can help, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777


Clients of ours are looking to move here (in or within about 30 minutes of Warrnambool). They would like to buy a block of land, preferably no larger than ten acres and can spend up to about $200,000. The budget may be able to be stretched for the ideal block. Privacy is a priority. They would be open to something “unusual”, not wanting to be in a new subdivision, and it doesn’t require services, as the tiny house they are looking at setting up can be “off-grid”. They would be open also to a property with an old dilapidated house on it. Lucas Wilson is helping them in their search, if you think you can help, feel free to call him on 55612777.

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