Properties Wanted

Room for patchwork

Thelma is looking for a beautiful new place to call home. It must be at least three bedrooms but it must have the most important special feature, to accommodate her passion in patch working. If you know what is involved with patch working on a large scale then you know that the room must be large enough to accommodate a loom, several workbenches and several sewing benches. The land outside doesn’t need to be very large at all it can be 400 or 500 m². A double garage with internal access and no work to be done on the inside would be ideal. Up to $650,000 and more than 5-6 years old. Ideally North Warrnambool or Central. If you have something that will suit Thelma, call Linda Miller on 5561 2777.


Pam has moved to the area from Queensland, and would like to buy a property within about 15 minutes of Warrnambool. She just missed out on one in the Grassmere area. She can pay cash for the right property and is looking to spend around the $500,000-$550,000 range. Something suited to run a few horses would be ideal, and as for the house, 2+ bedrooms will suffice. If your property might suit and you’re thinking of selling, please phone Lucas Wilson on (03) 55612777

Wanting a property with potential out East.

This buyer is open to a range of different options, having looked at properties in the $300,000’s up to the $900,000’s, both in town and on the outskirts of Warrnambool. He is unsure himself of all of his criteria – other than one non-negotiable: PRIVACY. If you have a property offering privacy, it’s only a phone call to find out if it may suit this buyer – please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777

Now this buyer is looking to spend up to $350,000, preferably East Warrnambool. It can be an older house and would like it to have something special on offer, maybe a sea view? If you think this sounds like your house, please phone Lucas at Wilsons on 55612777.

Central-ish, low maintenance up to 450K

Moving to Warrnambool and already sold, not looking for anything huge but would like 2 bathrooms.  Not too big a block would be good, close to the CBD, beach, or near Albert Park – but maybe not on the highway.  Can spend up to $450,000.  Phone Lucas on 03 55612777

Why Wilsons?