Behind the scenes of this beautiful central home with a big bright Wilsons SOLD sign at the front, is a story of a little bit of proactivity that resulted in a big WIN/WIN scenario for both buyer and seller.

We had handled the sale of another property and those sellers needed to find something to buy. They were looking in certain areas for certain criteria.  We wrote on their behalf and printed a couple of hundred copies of a letter explaining that these guys were looking to buy, which we distributed to houses we thought may be suitable.

Often home-owners are cynical about these letters as to whether they are genuine, and often buyers are hesitant to have one distributed on their behalf.  

In this case, the owners of one of the houses who received a letter were indeed considering selling.  A phone call was made to arrange a confidential and relaxed appointment at a time to suit, with our agent Lucas who had distributed the letter.  From here, with no obligation at all, a casual discussion was had around a likely selling price, options of sale methods, fees, negotiation and pricing strategies to ensure the highest possible price.  

The owners were comfortable and proceeded.  The buyers from the letter loved the home and were delighted to buy it at a price the sellers were delighted to accept.  No gimmicks, no games, no stress.  


If you are looking to buy, contact us and ask your Wilsons agent to get proactive and write a “specific targeted letter” to try and find your dream property.

If you are thinking of selling, and you receive one of our letters, or see one of our “wanted ads”, rest assured that our buyers are genuine, and they may just be the one to pay your dream price in what can be a dream process, smooth and hassle-free.

Contact us today to find out more.