If you hire a real estate agent to sell your property, you have every right to expect him or her to work hard for you. You also should expect the same from the salesperson’s agency.

Nobody expects anybody to work seven days a week, but just because a salesperson has days off, does this mean the agency should too?

Closed offices lose buyers. For this reason you should make sure the agency in which your salesperson works is open seven days.

Many agents work nine-to-five and close on Saturday afternoons and all day on Sundays. While this may be acceptable for a bank, you need an agent who is available to buyers when they want to go looking.

Weekends are especially important. This is when most buyers have the time for home searching. It is madness to use an agent whose office closes at the very time when a buyer wants to inspect properties. When the buyers are ‘working’, so should the agency.

You never know when the perfect buyer will come along. And that buyer will buy from the agent who is open. The best agents offer a 7 day service. They are always prepared to work on your behalf.

– Gary Pittard