Aricle by Ian Lamb, salesperson at Wilsons.

I have been thinking for a while about a topic I would like to write about during the current COIVD 19 Pandemic. I’ve chosen a topic that is very personal in the hope it might lead to other people reaching out during these difficult times.

My battle most weeks is anxiety with some depression thrown in – great combination! It is something I have wrestled with for the last 20 years and many times I have fallen into dark holes. Most people I have interacted with either in business or social situations would be very surprised by this, you become very good at hiding it.

For me I have been very lucky in that through the covid-19 pandemic my job allows me to get out of the household bubble and interact with people. Personally, spending too much time by myself is when I start battling with the doubts again, so I really feel for the people stuck in isolation that don’t have the opportunity to get out and about and free yourself from your thoughts. There would still be family and friends that have loved ones going through this and don’t realise.

One good thing today is the amount of resources available for both sufferers and families to reach out to, I encourage people to do so. I wish I had many years ago, but being a private person, embarrassed by it, grown up in environments where it wasn’t discussed and knocking around with mates that would see it as a sign of weakness, you just buried your thoughts as best as possible and like many people use whatever vices to control it. Believe me that is not a long-term solution.

Don’t think that you are weak or feel embarrassed to reach out, just start with baby steps at first until you find the right person you are comfortable discussing more openly with. It’s amazing how supportive family and friends are in these situations, but they can be the hardest to open up to because of our own thoughts and doubts. If making use of a professional service, there are a lot of well-meaning people out there, but it can take time to find the right person you are comfortable with. Don’t feel like you are locked in with them, there are other options available. Personally, I would get frustrated, lock myself away and let my thoughts spiral out of control. Just keep searching.

So, in these trying times reach out to family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours and ask them how they are going. If they don’t answer the first time, try again. The last thing we want is to lose another person to this Virus.

Below are links to great organizations that are always ready to help.