Growing up as kids in Warrnambool, we really did take for granted just how good “The Adventure Playground” at Lake Pertobe was/is.  I remember when cousins or family friends from Melbourne or Geelong or anywhere else would visit and be blown away with just how cool it was.  And the best part – it’s free to play there on everything for as long as you like!

Warrnambool City Council’s website describes Lake Pertobe as “a year-round family attraction. This 8 hectare (20 acre) adventure playground is paradise for kids with giant slides, flying foxes, a maze and boat rides. There are lovely walking tracks around the lakes, and the park features delightful picnic areas and sheltered BBQ facilities.  The Lake Pertobe precinct is also home to other sporting facilities such as lawn tennis courts, mini golf, an athletics track and nearby skateboard park.”  It is also located directly across from the main beach, and in Summer, the Carnival.

Most who grew up in or visited Warrnambool as a child in the 80’s or thereabouts will have fond (and sometimes not so fond) memories of the tightrope walk across the lake, complete with the recollection of incidents whereby the “big kids” would stand at each end wobbling it violently while you grip precariously at the plaited wires and try not to fall into the lake!

As the focus on safety has increased over time, icons such as the tightrope and big tarzan rope have made way for safer options such as flying foxes and more, but there is no shortage of fun options for all ages.

Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground on Tripadvisor has 487 reviews, of which 80% are “Excellent” and 18% “Very Good”, so I’m not exactly going out on a limb here singing the praises of this iconic Warrnambool feature.  These words are not isolated:

best playground l have seen


The visitwarrnambool website describes Lake Pertobe as

The gem in Warrnambool’s crown. A huge 20 acre area that has been transformed from a swamp to a lake and park. Suitable for all ages and well equipped with lots of shady areas, toilets and free barbecue facilities, this park offers so much to explore that the kids will want to come back over and over again. In fact, after discovering this huge adventure playground with my own family the kids asked if we could move to Warrnambool permanently.  Lake Pertobe has no reason to hide behind its big city peers: there are plenty of climbing options here, a flying fox, sandboxes, slides, even a maze. It is all spread out around the park, with plenty of space for ball games in between.

It is a place that caters for all ages and gatherings – from a peaceful solo walk around the lake, to kids’ birthdays, and family gatherings.  The Wilsons Warrnambool & District Real Estate crew and families had our Christmas party around one of the Barbecue areas last year while the kids ran around and played to their hearts content.

A little known bonus of the lake is that it is also stocked with trout to catch.

Lake Pertobe really is a jewel in Warrnambool’s Crown.

Article by Lucas Wilson