Are you thinking of selling in the relatively near future?

Maybe you’re waiting until you get a few things done around the house, or waiting for the timing to be right which is not quite yet?  Maybe you’re waiting to find your next property to buy?  Perhaps you want to wait until the world returns to some sort of “normality”?

If you know you are selling soon, but not quite yet, we can help you now!

  • AFL players benefit from doing a full preseason before round one commences…
  • Successful fishermen/women almost always explore the area first and make sure there are fish on their sounder before even dropping a bait down…
  • Shoppers often research online before hitting the stores…
  • Athletes, gym enthusiasts and runners generally perform better when they do a warm-up before their main performance…
  • Before buying a book, a reader will often skim the chapter contents or summary so they can begin reading with confidence in what’s ahead…
  • To best prepare for school, children have a year in “prep”…

The list of examples of benefiting from a smart preparation prior to the main event could go on.

We’ve come up with the perfect preparation to your real estate campaign, when your situation suits doing so, when either you, or your property, are not fully ready to hit the market… yet.

Rather than waiting, and hitting the market “cold”, you can be “warmed up” with a list of buyers waiting to inspect your property when you are ready – by taking advantage of our new “PRE-CURSOR” LISTING SERVICE.

Our pre-cursor listing service will enable you to market your property, with or without photos (or perhaps just a single photo), prior to it officially being “on the market” and ready for inspections.  We will clearly state that it is “coming soon”, and collect a list of interested buyers, ready to inspect and compete for your property once it becomes available.

Many buyers also do their preparatory research and shortlisting prior to being ready to buy.

Together, we can decide such factors as:

  • Number of photos, if any. If your property has a renovation underway, it may be better simply with a generic “coming soon” image (see below), and let our descriptive words do the talking.
  • Whether or not to display the address initially.  By avoiding displaying the address, buyers must contact us to find out, and it will avoid a ‘digital footprint’ whereby the property can become stale before officially being available.
  • Which marketing channels to target initially.  Many sales have been made by our office by simply tapping in to our huge buyer database, however it is also possible to broadcast your property to the widest audience possible, including all the main website portals, signage, social media, etc – albeit making it clear that inspections will be available in the future – when you are ready.
  • Pricing.  A pre-cursor listing can be a perfect opportunity to “test the water” giving an indication of where the price might sit by the time you are ready to officially hit the market.

Our pre-cursor listing service is absolutely FREE.  Any fees are only payable upon a successful sale of your property – we pay for all marketing, and if you decide not to sell, you can change your mind at any time, and there are ZERO expenses. It’s one of those rare situations in life where you really can’t lose!

If you’d like to find out more, and explore the idea of whether a “pre-cursor” could suit your circumstances, and/or that of your property, feel free to contact us any time at (03) 55612777, or email