Article by Lucas Wilson.

I’m not going to try and predict the effect the Coronavirus pandemic will have on house prices.  Doing so is frivolous.

But what we can do is help you if you plan to make a move, whether those plans are able to be facilitated while we are in this crisis, or whether they wait until the covid-19 fog clears.  Which it will, and we’ll get through it together.

Here at Wilsons, while taking every precaution and following every guideline, we are absolutely equipped to facilitate real estate transactions at the time of writing, and are still seeing a willingness of genuine buyers who are still wanting to buy now.  So while this is the case, if you are thinking of moving, contact us to find out if your home might suit one of our buyers, and how we can do this in line with current Coronavirus guidelines.

But this article is written with the idea of how best your moving plans can be served in the event of a full lockdown.  One where, for example, inspections are not allowed.

Well and good if a buyer is prepared to buy based on photos or a virtual or video tour only, and not requiring a building inspection or a valuer’s inspection for finance purposes – these transactions could potentially be handled completely remotely by phone, email, online settlements, etc.

But what if there are no buyers willing to do this at the right price?  Could it still be the right thing to put your property on the market?

ABSOLUTELY.  Here’s why, and how:

First, we are available by phone and email to discuss all things real estate, along with the benefits of choosing Wilsons.  We can even skype or facetime to almost meet “face-to-face”.  We will spend as much time as required answering any questions you may have.

Some of what we’ll discuss is contained in this digital booklet – CLICK HERE.

With some detailed discussions with you, along with some comprehensive online analysis we can arrive at the right price for your property.

While spending so much time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your home absolutely sparkle!  Once it is, you could spend some time honing your photography skills.  Most smartphones take brilliant photos these days, and you could email or message a selection of your property’s photos to us, and we can get your property uploaded to the website portals, and all other online channels.  We can direct it to our database and social media channels, all remotely.

People will have plenty of time to browse online, and can be making their own property plans for when we resume life as we previously knew it.  We can handle all enquiries, both phone and email, and keep a register of all interest in your property.

Picture this – the flipside of the current pandemic arrives – which it will – and because you showed some initiative, creativity and clever foresight – you have a large list of buyers clamoring to get to your property to inspect it. The competition created by the inability of access will be your greatest asset, potentially leading to a great result. Particularly when you have a highly trained and skilled negotiator working for you, and using a system designed to get you the highest possible price.

Sure, if we go into lockdown, whatever that looks like, LISTING NOW may not mean SELLING NOW.

But it will mean selling as soon as practically possible, and selling for more.

Hit the ground running on the other side of this.  After the storm comes the rainbow.

Ask us how.  Our phone number is 24/7 – (03) 55612777.  Or email