With estimates of over five million Australians taking part in recreational fishing, it is Australia’s biggest sport and leisure activity. When almost one in four of us partake in this activity, plenty will understand the following analogies to the Real Estate industry, and further understand the benefits offered by Wilsons Warrnambool and District Real Estate.

Bite times

While fish can feed at any time of day, and often around tide changes, ask any keen angler and they will tell you that almost universally, the most productive times to go fishing are dawn and dusk. This is predominantly when fish are feeding, and it makes sense to go fishing at these times.

In real estate, while many buyers work to flexible timetables, predominantly customers work standard working hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday mornings. Just as it makes sense to go fishing when the fish are feeding, it makes sense for a real estate office to be open when the buyers are available. Wilsons is the only office in Warrnambool open 7 days a week, plus a 24 hour phone service (03 55612777).

Catch and release

Many anglers now often practice catch-and-release, with a focus on ethics, and fishing for the future. By all means they keep some of their catch, and they go to great pains to best look after them, however quite often fish are released with no ill-affect.GT.MidAir.Release

Traditionally in real estate, once a seller is signed up with an agent there is no way ‘off the hook’ without great expense, if they realise that selling is not the right thing, or if the agent does the wrong thing by them. One of the benefits of listing your property with Wilsons is that if you decide not to sell, or if you are not satisfied with the performance of the agent, you can be ‘released’ from the agreement.


There are many different types of bait, and anglers are never certain which bait will catch the fish until they try it. In order to entice a ‘nibble’, it is often necessary to change the bait.bait_freezer

When a house is for sale, and no buyers have been ‘enticed’ – a change in the price is often all that is required to catch that buyer you need. And just as a good skipper would help a novice angler with the right advice on bait selection, a good agent will help a seller set the correct asking prices.

Line fishing Vs Netting

Commercial fishing trawlers drag huge nets through the ocean that catch massive numbers of fish in the targeted area. Line fishing involves one or more baited hooks on a single line. Commercial trawlers catch more fish than those individual line fishing.Chilean_purse_seine

In real estate – smart, modern marketing casts a net for all of the buyers, rather than just specific newspaper advertisements for individual properties. Smart marketing is all of the marketing activities designed to make a real estate office a magnet for buyers. This includes extended opening hours, advertising of a more generic nature, local radio marketing, investing in an effective social media strategy, building a huge email database, driving online traffic to a modern, mobile-friendly, dynamic and regularly updated website, flyer and letter-dropping systems, a proactive sales team, and working with an extensive database of buyers.

The net cast by smart, modern marketing, is far more effective than it’s line-fishing equivalent – placing a specific ad in the newspaper and waiting for a ‘bite’.

Wilsons specialises in smart, modern marketing, casting a massive net for buyers in the local area.

Fresh is best

Venture into a fish market and it is clear that the fresh stock sells best. Fish that has been exposed to the elements for too long results in people wondering what is wrong with it, and can quickly become a bit ‘on the nose’.img_8677

Repeated specific newspaper advertising exposure can have the same affect on a property for sale. Over time, as more people reject a home, and buyers start wondering what is wrong with it, the only way for it to sell is often with a substantial price drop, often avoidably below market value. Getting the pricing correct sooner rather than later will also help avoid your home becoming ‘stale’ in the marketplace.

Keeping detailed records

Most modern boats these days feature GPS chart-plotters which track and save exactly where anglers have been, enabling them to go back to these spots and achieve better results. Without the use of such technology, anglers would constantly spend needless money on fuel and bait trying to find the same fish they had previously found.GPSMAP7612xsv_HR_2200.13

At Wilsons we keep detailed logs of all buyer enquiry, which is sorted and accessed for follow up using the help of a state-of-the-art CRM software program. All enquiry comes to one central point – by virtue of ONLY marketing our office number (03) 55612777 and email sales@wilsonswarrnambool.com.au. Most agencies advertise individual salespeople’s info – leading to lost enquiries, and then needless advertising money demanded to find the same buyers again for the next property!

Paying upfront.

Imagine if the bait and tackle store offered to you a guarantee that if you don’t catch any fish, then you don’t have to pay for the bait and tackle that was purchased in your attempt!

This is unlikely to happen any time soon, however it is essentially exactly one of the benefits offered to home sellers at Wilson Real Estate. If your home is not happily sold, you pay NOTHING.

The local bait and tackle store

Many serious anglers prefer their local bait and tackle shop over the big national franchises when it comes to getting themselves properly equipped with the right knowledge, advice, and products to suit them and their local area. These local businesses make stocking decisions and give advice based on specialised local knowledge, whereas national franchises are directed by executives sitting in capital city headquarters. Aside from receiving better service and advice at their local store, many anglers also like the fact that they are supporting a local family business that more than likely supports local fishing clubs and events in the community.img37385

At Wilsons, we are a truly local family business of over 40 years in the community. Our owners and staff live in and know the dynamics of the local area, and we contribute back to the local community – instead of contributing to the coffers of a national franchise network.

Fishing for half an hour on the weekend

Many anglers understand the frustration of having a limited time in which they can go fishing. Imagine someone who is really keen to catch a fish, restricting their fishing time to a set half hour on Saturday. If the weather is bad, or the fish all swam past earlier in the week, the chances of catching a fish are thwarted, or at best reduced drastically. Compare this to being able to go fishing at any time, on any day of the week.bigstockcloseupofhandhold_646563

When selling your home, restricting inspections to a set 30 minutes out of a whole week is madness. At Wilsons we promote having homes open to inspect for genuine buyers, by appointment, at ANY time that suits.

Studying the craft

While even the most inexperienced novice can catch a fish, the reality is that some anglers achieve better results than others. The difference is that the experts continuously learn and study their craft in order to try and master it. There is a wealth of knowledge and techniques available to those who take the time to study and practice what they learn.IMG_7123

At Wilsons, our team are dedicated to training and education. Before joining our team, and ongoing for their whole career, our staff are put through a rigorous study and education program. Key topics are negotiation, sales skills, marketing, and the property market. PITTARD is Australia’s leading real estate training and development organisation, specialising in real estate courses and seminars – and Wilsons is the only member of PITTARD’s training courses in South-West Victoria.

Our office is also the only office in South-West Victoria that carries the Jenman Approved accreditation.  Real Estate expert and author Neil Jenman offers his ideas and training to a select few “Approved” offices.  So confident in his Approved offices, Neil – also a renowned consumer advocate, actually offers his personal guarantee that if an Approved Agency has not done the right thing by you, you will receive a TOTAL REFUND of any fees paid.

South-West Victoria

Our area is home to some of the finest fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities in Australia, and, indeed, the world. It is also home to some wonderful property locations, buildings and land – offering superb investment and living options. You won’t have to look too far to find either a superb catch, a dream home, or with one click – a competent, caring, real estate agent!