Why Wilsons?

Here are 13 reasons why Wilsons are your best option as a seller.  Contact us now to find out more, or for your hard copy document, including our “SELL SAFE” guarantee.
1 - Highest Price Negotiation System
Which means to you: Nobody will get you a higher price than us. At Wilsons we use a negotiation system specifically designed to prevent your home from being undersold.  Written and researched by Australia’s trusted consumer advocate, Neil Jenman, and based on a concept developed by economist, Sir William Vickery – one of several ideas that earned him the Nobel Prize for Economics. Highest Price Negotiation System - HPNS
2 - Highly trained team, certified negotiators
Which means to you: Our entire sales team are trained to find and communicate with the best buyers, negotiate you the highest possible price, and achieve a sale for you under the best possible terms and conditions. Before commencing and ongoing for their whole careers, employees at Wilsons undergo the most extensive training in the industry, through both the industry leading Pittard and Jenman groups, as well as in-house and through books and audio programs. All of our sales representatives have a full understanding of the 42 rules of modern Real Estate negotiation.42 Rules of Modern Real Estate Negotiation
3 - Warrnambool's only Jenman Approved Accredited Agency
The 2017 Morgan Poll of professions reveals that only 7% of the population rate real estate agents as honest and ethical. That means 13 out of 14 agents are perceived to be dishonest and unethical! It makes sense to be with the 1 agent out of 14 following a different system! Which means to you: Our systems, processes and strategies are CLIENT-BENEFIT-BASED, rather than the typical industry agent-benefit- based systems.  If you choose an APPROVED agent, you have leading consumer advocate Neil Jenman’s personal guarantee that the agent will do the right thing by you.  If, during the selling of your property, you are not happy, Jenman will help you. Once you have sold your property, if you show that the agent has not done the right thing by you you will receive a TOTAL REFUND of any fees paid. Jenman Approved Ethics in Real Estate
4 - We reward our sales team for rewarding you.
Team members are paid secure salaries and bonuses, rather than retainers and commission or debit/credit systems. Typically, agencies pay salespeople very low base salaries and a substantial percentage of the commission, leading to low hiring standards, and salespeople relying on making a sale to feed their families and pay their bills. This breeds a “dog-eat-dog” and “sale at all costs” mentality instead of a “sale at the best price” focus. At Wilsons, we invest heavily in the selection and training of the right people. We offer secure salary packages, plus bonuses that reward achieving excellent results for the clients. We even pay a cash bonus when salespeople negotiate sales above what a seller was prepared to accept! Incentive Bonus Program
5 - Office open 7 days, plus 24/7 live phone service
Which means you: We won’t miss a buyer for your property! We’re available when the buyers are. The majority of the working population still work Monday-Friday, 9-5pm and Saturday Morning. This means that outside of these hours, we are the agent available to these buyers. Open 24/7
6 - Detailed, sorted, accessible, buyer records kept.
Which means to youWe have a huge bank of buyers already in our system.  We can contact these buyers directly about your property,  often minimising your ‘time-on-market’  and stress levels,  while maximising the price. Buyer Database
7 - Office number (03) 55612777 ONLY displayed in all marketing
Which means to you: All enquiries are recorded at one central point and not lost to individual salespeople on mobiles. So a buyer that enquired last week or month about a similar property to yours can be contacted immediately by us once listed rather than being lost – only to then spend your money on advertising to try and find them again. Records kept
8 - No Sale No Charge = No Risk
No charges unless happily sold – plus our “Fair Go” selling fee – as part of your “SELL SAFE” GUARANTEE Which means to you: You avoid the common trap that many sellers fall into, facing large bills for advertising even if your property remains unsold. Our “Fair Go” selling fee refers to the fact that, at the time a buyer is found and you have seen the quality of our work, our fees are negotiable. No Sale No Charge Guarantee Our SELL SAFE GUARANTEE gives you complete peace of mind that you are safely listing your property without the unnecessary risks associated with most real estate campaigns. You can’t lose!
9 - Wilsons Weekly: our weekly e-newsletter
Which means to you: Within 7 days, your property will be directly marketed to the inboxes of over 4,800 people, all of whom have shown an interest in Real Estate in our service area.  Wilsons Weekly eNewsletter Logo
10 - Heart Buyer Search

Face-to-face contact with neighbours, as well as distribution of “Just listed” brochures in the immediate vicinity. Which means to you: Often the best buyers are either already living in the neighbourhood, or someone in the immediate vicinity knows someone looking to get into the area. These people tend to buy with their heart, more so than their wallet. We contact neighbouring property owners directly to advise them of your property, again maximising your chance of achieving the highest price. heart buyer search

11 - Flexible Inspections
Flexible Inspections

‘Flexible’ inspections for the best buyers – not ‘set’ open inspections for anyone! Which means to you: By having your property open to inspect for the best buyers by appointment 168 hours per week rather than limiting it to half an hour for any stranger to wander through your home, we won’t miss a buyer who can’t make it to a set open inspection time. Only the best buyers inspect, always by appointment with an agent. our team is trained to politely identify and qualify potential buyers and will only bring genuine buyers through your property, minimizing your stress and needless disruptions, as well as maximizing your price because by spending less time with the wrong buyers, we can be spending more time finding the right buyer for your property.

12 - Smart Marketing
Smart Marketing. Leading the way online, and covering all bases. Which means to you: The buyers in the current marketplace will know about your property, whether this be via a prominently displayed “for sale” sign (STILL the number one source of the best buyers), any of the major Real Estate online portals or our newly designed, google-friendly and content-rich mobile-friendly website, active social media program, being OPEN when agencies are closed, a proactive sales team, extensive database, buyer search, a general newspaper presence, and a buyer-magnetised office – we won’t miss a buyer for your property. Smart Marketing  
13 - Local Family Business
Local Family business, supporting our local community – not a franchise. Which means to you: With Wilsons you are dealing with a local family business of over 40 years. Your money stays local, instead of lining the pockets of nationwide franchise executives.  We actively support our local community through sponsorship and support of local clubs, charities and individual causes, so when you employ Wilsons as your agent, not only are you investing in the best possible result for yourself but by extension, you can also feel wonderful about the fact that you are supporting your local community.