Article by The Property Management Team at Wilsons

Do you own an investment property? Does your current property manager really manage it as if it is their own? Or do you think that maybe, if only it were easy to change property managers, that perhaps there would be someone better out there to manage your asset?

Well, we have TWO bits of good news:

  1. It IS EASY to change property managers, and
  2. We believe THERE IS someone better out there: The property management team at WILSONS!

Sometimes the fear and stress of the unknown can cause us to remain with familiarity instead of branching out to something more beneficial for us. We can get bogged down and feel stuck in a situation that no longer suits our needs. This can quite often be the case in property management and we are here to let you know that changing your property manager has never been simpler! 

While it has often been seen that transferring a management to another agent is a complex process, this is simply not the case and we are here to make it an absolute cinch for you. It has long been believed that your property either needs to be vacant or the tenant not in a fixed term agreement for you to transfer your property over. While it is prudent to check that your current authority agreement does not incur any fees for transferring the management, and any other fine print, generally there is no limitation on when a property can be transferred and this can occur at any time with minimum fuss. (Even if you do have fees incurred from your existing agent, speak with us about possible ways around this so it costs you nothing).

Once you make the choice to change agencies, we will simply arrange with you to sign a new managing agent authority with our office so we can act on your behalf.

Once signed, we will take care of the rest!

We contact your previous agent, advise the transfer of the management and request all relevant documents and keys to be prepared for collection on a set date. With no fees being charged to facilitate the transfer on your behalf, you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.   

When the set date comes around, a representative from our office will collect all documents and keys. Our office will also make contact with your tenants, introduce ourselves, provide bank details and organise an inspection to meet and greet your tenant and view the property to ensure a smooth and seamless handover and ensure you receive the service you and your property deserve. 

For more information and advice, or if you are interested in changing over the management of your property, contact us anytime on (03) 55 612 777 (24/7).  

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