We can’t give anyone a high five at the moment, but here are 5 reasons to consider Wilsons as your agent if you wish to sell during the covid-19 pandemic, or immediately after the storm passes:

1. We are private sale specialists, unaffected by the restrictions outlawing public auctions. We have complete belief that this is your best way to sell, and we don’t need time to convince ourselves otherwise.

2. We are one-on-one private inspection specialists. For years we’ve endorsed this method of showing properties as being the best way for buyers to buy, and for sellers to sell, and have long held the view that flexible individual inspections by appointment are far better than open slather inspections for anyone and everyone to just turn up and wander through your family home.

3. We are already trained to politely identify and qualify all potential buyers to ensure we are bringing only GENUINE buyers through properties for sale. We’ve done it this way for years. If you’re selling, especially at the moment, these  are the only inspections you should be having, and if an agent is accustomed to inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry along to an open inspection, it takes some serious adjusting and retraining to change this. Not for Wilsons, it’s already what we specialise in.

4. With Wilsons, we provide a completely risk-free sales process. These are uncertain times, and no-one can predict exactly what the market will do. But I can guarantee you one thing if you choose Wilsons – if you don’t sell, don’t get the price you need, or if you change your mind about selling, we won’t charge you a cent. We pay for all marketing expenses and only charge a fee if you’re sold and happy.

5. We’ve just invented a free service which was designed to cater for a full lockdown situation, but is equally perfectly suited for those who simply think it’s prudent to avoid people coming to your house at the moment given the current situation, but who still want to sell once the coronavirus storm passes. After every storm, comes the rainbow, and our free “rainbow listing” service enables you, without leaving the house and without anyone coming inside your property, to get marketed now, for buyers to register interest and inspect later. You’ll see full details at https://wilsonswarrnambool.com.au/free-rainbow-listing-service/

And one more just for good measure: Through this pandemic, rather than cut staff or have anyone sit idle, everyone on our team are proactively engaging in ways to help others in our local community. We’re boosting other local businesses online, we’re offering tip-runs and odd jobs to members of the community, particularly those most vulnerable.  We’re doing our best to ensure that together, we will not only get through this, but be better out the other side.

Stay safe!

Written by Lucas Wilson