Finding your match

By March 2, 2017Buying, Selling

Have you ever wondered, “could selling our home be as simple as ringing up an agent and seeing if one of their current buyers’  requirements matches our property’s description?”

Sometimes, it can.

Not only can it be simple and stress-free, but because these buyers have already exhausted all current existing opportunities, they are ready to pay the right price for the right property.

Many people are accustomed to agents advertising houses to try and find buyers for them.  And sure, we do this too.

But we are also advertising buyers to try and find houses for them.

Does yours match up to one of our buyers?  Would you sell if you could get a good, fair price?  Why not give us a ring to find out?

Click on the image for an enlargement, and remember, these are but a selection of cashed-up buyers on our books:


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